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  3. At the beginning of the February, when bitcoin -3.78% fell to its minimums at 6000.00 and further rose to its previous levels, many saw the graphic formation "Head and shoulders", which is a traditional signal for predicting a change of trend. At the moment, positive news is coming out that are reflected in the dynamics of bitcoin -3.78% prices and this gives reasons to consider a trend change and assume the formation of a new "Head and Shoulders" formation on the chart. At the moment, the price of bitcoin -3.78% is growing amid the positive news related to the regulation of the market of cryptocurrency in Europe and the nearest resistance level at which growth can stop is located at 9500.00. Given that the growth is mainly due to the positive sentiment of speculators due to the conditional recognition of the Crypto-currency, the probability of correction is quite high. From 9500.00 it is worth considering the immediate goal of correction to the level of 8600.00, which previously served as a strong resistance level and was knocked down by the price after the publication of details on the meeting of bankers and finance ministers at the G20 summit and at the moment is a strong support level . Further, if the price returns to the previous level of resistance at 9500.00 and can gain a foothold higher, it will be a signal to change the trend and increase the price of bitcoin -3.78% to levels in the range of 11500.00 - 12000.00 Link
  4. Is it a short-term recovery?

    The most dominant cryptocurrency in the global market known as Bitcoin, has recovered beyond the $9,000 for the first time since March 14, exactly a week ago. It is hard to predict at this moment whether BTC or other cryptocurrencies will be able to sustain this momentum in the upcoming weeks. If we take a deeper look from the previous month, the price of bitcoin dropped to $6,000 region from $12,000 region. And this is the analysis of just few weeks back. From yesterday, we saw that the bitcoin price recovered to $9,000 and it is moving towards the $10,000 region. Bitcoin suffered the worst correction to date since the period of January to March, as the price dropped from $19, 000 region to $6,000 region. Yet, we see from middle of December and till January it recovered from the drop of $10,000, likely we say from $13,000 to $12,000 region and then back to $13,000. So in this case we can say that bitcoin has managed to gradually rebound and get back from the major drops. At the moment, the price is growing towards the positive side due to the last bitcoin price which has been recorded. If we summarize the whole situation it gives us again the same idea which happened previously from the middle to December till January. Furthermore, the analysis shows both ways; a positive and a negative decline, it probably be an identical change which people needs to look forward and change the current trend of decline and it will again go the price range of $20,000 or more. CREDITS CS Tokens are yet to be in demand by the traders, on KuCoin exchange it shows a stability on the market with a good volume. For today's trading session reached a local maximum of 0.001170 CS / ETH and after correction is currently traded at a price of 0.001153 CS / ETH. The large demand for a coin on the KuCoin exchange is observed in the range 0.0012799 - 0.0010511 CS / ETH. Link
  5. Hi Everyone, I am new here, could you please help me with my doubts. I am unable to differentiate between Airdrop vs Bounty. As I have asked the same question in another forum but they suggested me a link (icotokennews.com/airdrop/) where I can get an answer of my question but in this link, I have just found in-depth information of Airdrop but not much about a bounty. It would be of great help if you guys can clear my doubts. Thank you!
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  10. Healthureum is one of healthcare's prior espousers of the blockchain. The aim is to consolidate healthcare with smart contract technology and blockchain to bring global social responsibility, scalability, and standardization. Healthureum is about to be a crunch point in the future of healthcare, as it furnishes radical solutions in doctor consultation, data management and referrals, research programs, medical infrastructure and philanthropic activities. Healthureum is developing an entire ecosystem of blockchain-based services, which will be available to users with HHEM tokens, acting as a method of payment and reward for services provided on the vertex. Based on an Ethereum blockchain blockchain mechanism, their goal is to provide a strong system, which is globally accessible at fingertips and also provides cost-efficient healthcare. The Healthureum rostrum provides a tri-function remedy for cost-effective and convenient healthcare, by the means of consultation, referrals, and diagnostics. 1. For the purpose of quick and easy access to a healthcare professional, the provision of Video consultation facilities is at disposal. This can also be used for prescriptions, diagnosis and second opinions on prognosis, which means cost savvy and convenient consultation on fingertips. 2. Healthureum initiates the provision of referrals to specialist practitioners in the patient’s locality, qualified and verified, on the network, ensuring the patient to be in good hands. 3. There is a provision to get referred to a local diagnostics lab which would be certified by Healthureum for tests and an all-inclusive service. The results get updated in the patient’s Healthureum data record, giving the user convenience and an ownership to share with the doctor. There is a vast range of diagnostics which are covered under Healthureum’s healthcare services, for example : • Lipid profile • Glycosylated hemoglobin • Complete blood count • Thyroid profile • Liver/kidney function test All these services are paid for and maintained on the blockchain with the aid of HHEM tokens, within the Healthureum ecosystem. This initiates quicker diagnosis while perpetuating the rectitude of the personal data. • No delays • No loss of data • No mix-ups • No Hassles Healthureum is going to accredit the patients to amalgamate all their data, whether personal, medical or emergency, reserved in a solitary podium which is shielded with encrypted keys, thus keeping all the information safe and private. They are also planning to implement a chassis for standardization to initiate interoperability amongst healthcare institutions in order to enable reliable and faster sharing of data, increasing efficiency at every level. This enables while attenuating the risk of fraud, leakage, and cybercrime. This is a secure and efficient mechanism to store all the data, in a user-friendly and convenient manner. The various kinds of data that can be stored conveniently are - Medical records, Personal data, Test results, Scans, X-rays, Treatment plans, Prescriptions, Referrals, Billing, and Claims. Data Systemization acknowledges 3 censorious issues with master patient data: 1. The ownership of data ensures that there is no illegal sharing or tampering with it. A facility to access it and share with the person of user’s choice is also given to the patient. It is accessible anytime and is available on fingertips. 2. Standardization is required for maintaining interoperability, so that the clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes can update, view and share data easily and accurately, reducing the chances of errors and fraud. 3. Any emergency data of the patient such as the record of their blood group and allergies can be instantly accessed in order to ensure effective treatment and that might save lives. Medical infrastructure is customarily the single largest capital expense for a hospital. This is why healthreum wishes to merge blockchain in this field to handle issues related to the supply chain with genuineness and to analyze usage and demand trends in order to make plans for future needs. Healthureum will use blockchain mechanisms to evaluate and monitor: • Return on investment • Maintenance and upgradations • Demand and usage • Supply chain and reliability The above-mentioned statistics are instrumental for medical institutions in order to ensure that they have appropriate infrastructure for providing best service to their patients' needs. Healthureum makes certain that users get access as and when they need it to highest quality infrastructure. Research plays a vital role in devising cures, experimental drugs, solving medical mysteries and formulating various treatment programs. Nonetheless, data privacy is at risk. To solve this, Healthureum will use blockchain based Research Programs to ascertain that each and every piece of data is properly accessible, monitored and recorded in a secure and scalable system that is tamper proof, minimizing the risk of external alteration. This will allow patients and practitioners both to be dedicated in their treatment monitoring trials, especially in the areas of Diabetes, HIV AIDs, and Cancer. In addition to this, patients can also contribute their own medical records for research purposes in both unpaid and paid programs.
  11. Healthureum has a vast purview to administer. This project has a motive to improve the access and quality of medical healthcare services around the globe. The Healthureum initiative is pioneering as it attempts to resolve the issues which have badgered the health sector for decades. However, the Healthureum has proven that it has what it takes to tackle these challenges successfully in the long run. The following are some of the goals that Healthureum intends to deliver in the near future. Access to Affordable and Quality Medical Care Healthureum aspires to decrease the costs of accessing quality healthcare by shifting from a resource-intensive healthcare towards a technology-driven healthcare. Using technology savvy upheaval such as referrals, online consultations and telehealth, immunotherapy, implantable and wearable patient monitoring devices, Healthureum considerably reduces the costs of acquiring quality healthcare. Data Systemization Healthureum aims to administer a systemized process of data collection and storage across the various health institutions. Presently, different procedures are being used by each institution to record medical data. Each uses their own centralized system, making data dispensing across the platform difficult. There is a grail to elevate interoperability across the health sector using blockchain technology. The blockchain is a decentralized database system which allows data to be shared and stored in the matrix of computers securely by using cryptography. Tackling Fraud in Counterhealfeit Drugs healthreum desires to terminate the counterfeit drug market by improving the trackability of drugs throughout the supply chain from pharmaceutical manufacturers to patients. The use of timestamps authorizes the drugs to be traced and this data is stored in a block which makes the data changeless. With the help of this technology, drugs can be traced from their manufacturers eradicating chances of fraud and related health cases as a result due to counterfeit drugs in the market. Reducing unskillfulness in Medical Operational Procedures Medical institutions are having a hindrance in restraining fraud arising from operational procedures mostly as a result of the lack of infective sharing and standardization of data. Patients are not able to access their records, which is shattering. Adopting the blockchain technology will get rid of this problem as the patients will be in control of their data and will be able to access it in real-time. The claim assessments can also be quickly traced through use of timestamps for verification, and the data is tamper proof. This will enable patients to get their claim payments processed in time eliminating fraud and delays in the process. Augmented Quality of Research Programs In order to achieve quantum in the medical field, conducting research programs is an important step for healthcare improvement. Research capitalizing has often faced the issue of a hidden fear that research funds are not being maneuvered for their described purposes. Correspondingly, there is the fear of the researchers meddling with research data to give weight to their hypothesis while withholding data that doesn’t support it. Healthureum aims to disseminate these fears by the use of Healthureum Tokens as a method of funding on the platform. The HHEM tokens can be detected by using timestamps. As a result, sponsors can simply whether the research funds were used correctly. Healthureum seeks to boost research which will achieve medical revolutions in the treatment of diabetes, cancer and HIV AIDS. Tweaked Accountability and Transparency A need for accountability and transparency is necessitated to maintain an institution’s integrity and standards whenever any financial transaction is processed. However, this has not been the case with most medical facilities which are currently in court due to claims that are yet to be settled due to altered or misleading information or overbilling. Healthureum hopes to increase interoperability amongst medical institutions and also the rate at which philanthropists are donating funds for improving medical infrastructure. It is essential to note that nothing would be possible without the medium to validate any transactions conducted on the Healthureum ecosystem. The conditions of any contract which are signed by an insurance company, patient or medical institution usually favor the party that is bound to gain the most. Many times medical institutions change patient record details to get an extra penny for the facilities they didn’t even provide or services they didn’t even render. Also, insurance companies alter the terms to avoid a huge payout. As per St. Claire, about 6% of all the claims presented in the courts of law are refused due to incomplete or incorrect information. For most of the patients, the only requirement is that an insurance company will help foot their medical bills. In addition to this, everyone is not as literate as the ones in charge of these contracts which makes it easy to lure naïve patients into signing deals they don’t even understand. With 5-10% of all the total billing costs coming from overbilling or services not performed, the healthcare facilities are in urgent need of Smart Contract Technology offered by Healthureum.
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  14. They just released first looks for their LALA Wallet Application. Check out the video at : https://twitter.com/MyLaLaWorld/status/976462959382876160
  15. https://lift-token.co is a platform that uses a location-based app for hiring an on-demand private driver using cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Lift technology can be a very convenient and inexpensive method of using taxi service as it gives you the opportunity of watching your driver’s en route as he comes to pick you up. All you need is a tap on your smartphone and the nearest taxi driver arrives to pick you up. You need to sign up and have an account with lift before using lift as a passenger. You can sign up on the platform and get your first ride. After signing up, your cab gets the mobile app on your smartphone thereby giving you the opportunity of seeing how much a particular ride will cost. After creating an account and successfully installing the app, simply log in with your signup details and set up your cryptocurrency payment method as this ensures a cash-free environment. Now you are good to go. All you need to do is to open the Lift app on your phone and ensure that the pickup location is your current location. Click on the car service you desire and enjoy your ride. Driving for lift gives you the opportunity of becoming your own boss and meeting new people in your city. ICO fully meaning initial coin offering, is simply a mechanism for fundraising the creation of cryptocurrency. In other words, ICO is an unregulated means through which funds are raised for new Lift cryptocurrency ventures. Capital raised from this ICO is used to fund the project. ICO can be juxtaposed with the Initial Public Offering which basically allows investors gain shares based on ownership of a company. Our major focus is to incorporate cryptos in the day to day activities thereby making them stable and useful.
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  17. WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE FROM THE ORICOIN PROJECT? 1. You will receive the attractive interest from the Oricoin Staking program. The interest will fluctuates from 2% to 10% depending on the investment packages that you choose. Your interest will be paid by Oricoin. Thus, your interest will be multiplied so much when the price of Ori increases. 2. You will receive the types of commissions when introducing the other members to join in the Oricoin Staking program 3. You will receive the valuable rewards from the Oricoin Staking program. Ori will donate for User IDs having the direct bonus as follows: You will be donated 1,000 Ori when investing in the Staking packages from $5,000 to $10,000 You will be donated 2,000 Ori when investing in the Staking packages from $10,001 to $20,000 You will be donated 3,000 Ori when investing in the Staking packages from $20,001 to $30,000 You will be donated 4,000 Ori when investing in the Staking packages from $30,001 to $50,000 You will be donated 5,000 Ori when investing in the Staking packages from $50,000 to $100,000 You will be donated 8,000 Ori when investing in the Staking packages from $101,000 or more 4. You will receive ETH, Ori and Biz from the Origame program which is about to take place in the next time. Have you ever heard about Biz? Biz is a unit of Origame and is converted from Ori with the ratio of 1 Ori = 20 OriBiz

    Regulatory pressures and a broadening bank clampdown have seriously affected cryptocurrency exchanges in India. Their representatives claim bitcoin trading has dropped as much as 90 percent in the last two months. Cryptos are not considered legal tender in the country and authorities have demonstrated a negative attitude towards their use. At the same time, leading Indian banks have taken steps to limit exchange operations even before any rules mandating such policies are adopted. Indian trading platforms have suffered from great uncertainty about the future of cryptocurrencies in the country. Authorities in Delhi have issued multiple warnings and have threatened to stifle the use of digital money for illicit purposes. They have repeatedly stated that cryptos, like bitcoin, are not considered legal tender in India. However, neither an outright ban, nor any clear regulations have been adopted to this day. While the work on a comprehensive legal framework continues, after unfulfilled promises that new regulations would be unveiled soon, some officials have recognized that it is proving impossible to effectively regulate cryptocurrencies. Despite the absence of government regulations, Indian banks have taken matters into their own hands. Without any mandate from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), commercial banks have been tightening the clamp on crypto trading. The country’s biggest financial institutions, including Citibank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and the State Bank of India, have already suspended trading accounts of bitcoin exchanges. They have also imposed measures to restrict crypto-related transactions conducted by ordinary citizens, with two banks notifying customers they cannot use their credit, debit and prepaid cards to purchase cryptocurrencies. The regulatory uncertainty and the hostile attitude have caused a significant decrease in transactions on local bitcoin trading platforms, the Economic Times reported. “There is a 90 percent drop in the volume of trade across all Indian exchanges,” chief executive of Coinsecure, Mohit Kalra, told ET. “Our volumes are down from around 300-400 bitcoins daily in December to about 30-40 bitcoins a day now,” he added describing a 10-fold decrease. The actions of Indian banks mirror similar moves by some of the world’s biggest banks, like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup. Last month they banned crypto purchases with their credit cards, justifying the measure with concerns about defaults due to dropping crypto values. Representatives of the Indian crypto industry have accused local banks of “irresponsible overreach”, “unilateral decisions”, and “disruptive stance”. “Without any clear mandate from regulators, asking us to close down our accounts, while refusing to give the reason in writing, is just disruptive to our business,” said Ajeet Khurana who is heading the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Committee of India (BACC). The organization is working to introduce self-regulation in the sector. That’s how the chief executive of another Indian exchange, Bixoxo, described the situation. “We are struggling to offer withdrawal services since our bank accounts are being shut. This has caused delays of up to one week for no mistake of ours”, said Hesham Rehman. “Our average volume has dropped from 300 – 500 bitcoins to 20 – 30 bitcoins now”, he added. The daily trading volumes of top Indian exchanges, like Zebpay and Koinex, have also decreased from 1,000 to 300-500 bitcoins. Bitcoin Trade Drops in India amid Uncertainty and ClampdownAccording to Zebpay’s CEO Nischint Sanghavi, promoting the use of banking channels actually enables tracking and taxing cryptocurrencies. Banning it would not serve the purpose of curbing illegitimate transactions, he warmed. Sanghavi believes that know your customer procedures and anti-money laundering measures implemented by Indian exchanges can only aid the efforts to keep track of money flows. The hostile environment has already forced two Indian platforms to suspend operations. Btcxindia and Ethexindia, serving about 35,000 customers, halted cryptocurrency trading on March 5. As news.Bitcoin.com previously reported, more and more Indians have been trying to buy cryptocurrencies from abroad through overseas accounts of relatives and friends. Others have resorted to cash-based trading to acquire bitcoins or other cryptos. According to some reports, a new law banning unregulated deposits is on the way. If such legislation is adopted in India without provisions to legalize the crypto sector, these trends are likely to continue to evolve. Source by: Bitcoin.com https://news.coinmarketnews.net?news_code=115&title=bitcoin-trade-drops-in-india
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  22. Since launching on the market last week, the #Modex #Marketplace now has 53 smart contracts listed, part of them available for #free. Browse through the smart contracts & templates and find what you need! https://market.modex.tech “On top of the dev tools, the Modex platform will provide enhanced blockchain tools that enable developers and companies to easily deploy multiple types of private blockchains. The purpose is to make running and deploying to a blockchain as easy as building a simple web app.” - Modex's CEO Mihai Ivascu quoted by The FinTech Times https://thefintechtimes.com/modex-launches-smart-contract-marketplace-tackling-the-last-mile-adoption-problem-for-the-blockchain
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