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Silvercoin #SVC

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New coin ! ( #SVC) " #silvercoin'" aunched 😎
signup now and get free 16 "#SVC" and join their affiliate program to earn more "#SVC"πŸ˜‹
signup now !!!
βœ”βœ”information : πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1942868.0
hurry up now before ICO start on june 21 😍😍
official website :πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‰ Β  https://silvercoin.io
Don't miss the chance join now 😍 😍 

Coin Distribution
89,380,000 SVC are off the market.
88,000,000 SVC for POC protocol + 880,000 SVC for Tech Fund – All coins will be escrowed and then locked into the POC protocol when ready. Coins will be paid out over life of project.
500,000 SVC as POC/Reserve – Escrowed indefinitely. Serves dual purpose, to be used as end-of-POC reserve or as emergency funds, whichever comes first.
10,000,000 SVC for ICO
If > 500k USD raised. Any remaining SVC will be locked out until ICO funds are exhausted.
If < 500k USD raised. Salaries will be paid in combination of SVC/BTC. All SVC paid out will be accompanied with a public receipt so any coins entering the marketplace are value-backed.
If < 100k raised. Salaries will be paid entirely in SVC bi-weekly. SVC will only be paid out in return for work, products or services. BTC will be kept for items we can’t get done with SVC.
620,000 SVC For Dev Rewards and Bounties
350,000 SVC for Dev Rewards
270,000 SVC for Bounties
100,000 SVC maximum for affiliate bounty
50,000 SVC maximum for Bitcointalk bounties
25,000 SVC for signature and translation bounties
25,000 SVC for Social Media Contest
120,000 SVC for post-ICO bounties

bounty details :Β 
Join for free and start with 16 coins.
Earn 16 coins for every referral.
Track earnings in real time.
It’s easy to do. Just share a link.
Entire Internet is your marketplace.
One link can produce many payouts.
Basic marketing tips provided.
High quality banners to aid your efforts.
48 coins minimum to trigger payout.
1000 coins maximum per affiliate.
Bounties paid out after ICO.
3 month window post ICO to claim coins.Β 

amazing project join now !!Β 

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