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[ICO] Primalbase: Distributed Workspace for Tech Community - ICO June 26

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We believe that the use of crypto-tokens will both benefit and enhance this model. Through the use of a single-payment crypto-token membership, the Primalbase project offers access to all-inclusive shared workspaces located in the world’s leading tech hubs. It’s scalable, fast to set up, and flexible in terms of timing and the size of the team.
A system of dividing the infrastructure into invariably reserved coworking spaces for Primalbase community members, and rentable office spaces open to the public, will ensure efficiency and profitability of Primalbase business model.

Contact the team on Slack: http://project-primal.herokuapp.com/
[glow=yellow,2,300]ICO starts on June, 26 2017![/glow]
Join our communication channels: telegram.me/primalbase & projectprimal.slack.com

Vitalik Buterin, Co-Founder at Ethereum:
“I’m definitely very interested in all these applications, particularly the semi-financial ones with some components of finance and monetary value but also some components outside of it. The general idea that we can create this economy where we micro-tokenize and let people have their own micro-ownership, I think that is definitely a very interesting and promising idea.”
Sasha Ivanov, CEO and Founder of the Waves Platform:
“Primalbase is a real estate project, while it is also a Blockchain community project. It offers a rather unique product - on the one hand, it is an access to co-working, on the other hand, it is a financial instrument, which can be traded on the market. There hasn’t been anything like this before. It can unite many startups within the community. Many cryptocurrency startups are getting interested in sharing Primalbase co-working spaces, soon we might see the development of a new environment for cryptocurrency businesses, that will go out of the virtual world into the real one, in particular, geographical locations, it will be interesting.”
Dmitry Faller, Researcher, Founder of Blockchain Institute:
“Technology is not isolated, it is integrated into our lives, daily activities, it should not be viewed as a separate and independent phenomenon, it is carrying a certain social mission, it triggers substantial changes in the society. The institute will become the center of expertise available for everyone – businesses, regulators, partnering projects, and community as a whole.”
Dmitry Tokarev, Chief Technology Officer of Dolfin:
“At Dolfin we also provide a service to all sorts of clients from all over the world and it seems like such a great idea to have a place where you are guaranteed to have a productive time whilst on a business trip and the same level of service wherever you are.”
Billy Draper, VC, Partner at Draper Associates:
“That’s cool, they found a real world application, and that’s what we want to see - we don’t want to see more coins in the world. That is a game-changing thinking, the same with real estate. Renting out these tokens? That is how you start the real revolution, that’s how things will go from Bitcoin sort of still crypto community which is getting bigger.”
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Just looking to kick-start the discussion here a bit, with some pics of the current workspace in Amsterdam, below:
What do you think? Look like a workplace environment you'd want to be a part of?

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The Primalbase team has been very busy with Consensus and other blockchain meetups, and also with the opening of the Blockchain Institute, Blockchain R&D Lab, and Grant Fund. The team is now all back in the office and working diligently on finishing up the remaining documentation, Bounty Campaign, FAQ, and more. This is all coming very soon! In the meantime please continue to question, critique, and make suggestions. We are listening!

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Q&A — 1: Primalbase ICO
1. “How do you expect to make money by renting out an office space for all time for a token that will only be sold for 3 to 5 bitcoins?”
It’s pretty simple. We expect to use not a new model but a well-established one — a business model of Shared Workspaces, which is successfully implemented by such projects as WeWork, for example. Some people think that they are not “cash flow positive” but they are, and they keep opening up new places. This model works, it is verified, and there is no link to the brand — not only companies that are currently on the market can be successful. This model works because it is meaningful for landlords and for residents. It has proved its self-sufficiency and its economic appeal.

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Primalbase ICO starts on June, 26 2017! This is your chance to invest in a tangible product developed by an all-star team matching real and crypto economies. Don’t miss it - 66% bonus for early investors. Learn more at http://primalbase.com

The PrimalBase Bounty Campaign is also now live!
Check it out, very nice rewards for Bounty participants!
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Primalbase Advisory Board Update, Current Tasks & Meetup in Amsterdam
As we have said many times before, primalbase is a project about the infrastructure and community, and first of all about the Blockchain community. When we talk about this, it’s probably right to look at the biggest community at the moment in the field of Blockchain — the Ethereum community. And thus, It is reasonable to have a representative of this community in the project. When I talked to Vitalik Buterin about it, I did not even have any doubts whether to invite him or not — he is the leader of the Ethereum followers. It is indicative — where the leaders look, the community looks too as a whole. We wanted to draw attention of the Blockchain audience to this Blockchain project. And I think we did it.
As the Primalbase project is about the infrastructure for the community and about the development of the community as a whole, then the key Blockchain communities will undoubtedly benefit from the development of Primalbase. They will have a closer connection between each other, joint projects can be born around this. This is a very interesting physical interpretation of what we now see online.

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On June 20 at 19:30, Primalbase, a startup that aims to tokenize a WeWork-type coworking space provider and grant micro-ownership to its investors, will be hosting a meetup for Waves community in Amsterdam Werf, an office space that serves as Primalbase Proof-of-concept. Please, register using this form:
Primalbase team is set to transform traditional office rental into a new-generation community-based ecosystem where one can share, sell or rent out high-quality office spaces using Ethereum and Waves-based digital tokens.
Ever since Primalbase has announced the date of an ICO, the social media accounts and communication channels have been smoking hot for the flow of questions and feedback. The team was trying best to address every one of those in four Q&A sessions - https://medium.com/@primalbase
To commemorate the fifth one Primalbase invites everyone to come along to Amsterdam Werf and find out how the project is developing from those who are at the very heart of it!
Who can attend?
Everyone who is interested in Blockchain technology, innovations pushed by Waves platform, and Primalbase project.
Why attend?
Tech community needs to go offline sometimes. We foresee a lot of great projects choosing Primalbase infrastructure as the platform for their development. We need to meet, get to know each other, where we are coming from, share our ideas and vision — this is the only way to move forward.
Who are the speakers?
Dmitry Faller, Chairman of the Board at Primalbase, and Researcher at Russian Academy of Sciences, and Sasha Ivanov, Founder of Waves platform, adviser to Primalbase project, and true Blockchain Ambassador will open up the floor for questions and fruitful discussions.
Can’t attend? Follow the live stream! Use #primalbase to ask questions!
If you are not able to come to the meetup, please join the online streaming of the event on Primalbase Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/primalbasehq/
Primalbase is an inclusive bunch — questions passed along on Twitter and Facebook tagged #Primalbase will be addressed as well.
So, save the date — June 20. See you at Primalbase on Helicopterstraat 25, 1059CE! After the semi-official part, the gathering will move into the bar nearby.
Please, register using this form:

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