Looking for content writers about Crypto trading & CFDs, Futures, Shorting etc.

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Hey guys,

Currently I am delving more and more in the interesting topic of trading cryptocurrency & CFD/futures/shorting. Besides a recently opened facebook group to discuss strategy and analysis, I would like to open a website on this topic.

I would like to post some both (very) small size als bigger size strategy/analysis posts on the topic in the facebook group and on the website. With these posts I would like to create some active discussion and attract new visitors.

For this reason I need a few people who are able to create a couple of (small) interesting posts of analysis and strategy on the topic of trading cryptocurrency & CFD/futures/shorting. I will ofcourse pay for the created content.

In case of interest please sent an email to: cryptocfd@gmail.com.

Facebook group on cryptocurrency & shorting/futures/CFDs (feel free to join):

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