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ProsenseLive VR Platform Token Sale! ICO

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ProsenseLive. World’s first decentralized VR platform

The first global decentralized platform for VR content distribution with intellectual property protection by blockchain technology, guaranteed confidentiality and a built-in payment mechanism.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: ico.prosense.tv


ONE-PAGER: One-pager

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ICO start date: Nov. 3, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. PDT (6:00 p.m. CET)

ICO end date: Dec. 28, 2017, at 9:00 a.m. PST (6:00 p.m. CET)

Pre ICO start date:19 october 2017

Pre ICO end date:31 october 2017

Total token issue: 720,000,000

Token type: ERC20


Base price:1 Token = $0,1

Hard Cap:$30M

No tokens will be issued after ICO

Undistributed tokens will be eliminated after ICO

Prosense Token VRP is a secure, internal currency that will be used by viewers to pay providers directly for the live content they want to experience.

Tokens will only be issued during the ICO, any that remain undistributed after close will be eliminated.

Please note: there is NO BOUNTY PROGRAM

width=1080 height=567https://i.imgur.com/jwirsGT.png[/img]

About Prosense

Prosense is a working business with an already existing highly functional platform for filming, transporting and viewing professional VR broadcasts. We have more than three years of experience in VR content production and technology development. Prosense transforms the technology of centralized content delivery into a global decentralized peer-to-peer platform with a payment collection system in which intellectual property rights are protected by blockchain cryptography and all transactions are confidential.

ProsenseLive Platform

The platform allows any manufacturer of VR-content, whether it is a professional studio or amateur enthusiast, to deliver content to viewers in real time. Encryption, transcoding and delivery of content are carried out by a decentralized network of Prosense Nodes partners who are reimbursed with tokens. Copyright protection and payments to content providers are guaranteed and robustly protected through the use of blockchain technology. The ProsenseView application, adapted for all common types of VR equipment, allows you to participate in breathtaking adventures: gain new experiences while moving around in the broadcast (e.g. watch a goal being scored from the position of the goalie), see and discuss what is happening with your friends, and create your own virtual space and avatars.

width=1080 height=456http://i.imgur.com/gytEnOG.jpg[/IMG]

width=1080 height=582https://i.imgur.com/UqpcFEU.jpg[/img]

The ProsenseLive platform is used for both professional and amateur VR content: online broadcasts of sporting events, concerts, shows, conferences, amateur events or adult content. The quality of the technology used for live VR broadcasts from Prosense gives you the illusion of presence and allows you to participate in breathtaking adventures from the comfort of your home.

width=1080 height=393https://i.imgur.com/ncMR59R.jpg[/img]

width=1080 height=393https://i.imgur.com/iVvFZXA.jpg[/img]

width=1080 height=732https://i.imgur.com/qpamtmb.jpg[/img]

width=1080 height=588https://i.imgur.com/p0NPHiG.jpg[/img]


All funds received during the ICO will be stored in a secure Escrow account provided by Blockchain Law Group. The funds will be transferred to Prosense only after all the obligations to the buyers of tokens are fulfilled.


width=1080 height=2122https://i.imgur.com/6hOTPl9.png[/img]

width=1080 height=1469https://i.imgur.com/npwN3Dl.png[/img]

width=1080 height=164https://i.imgur.com/GDz1HTo.jpg[/img]

More about ProsenseLive: ico.prosense.tv

More about Prosense: prosense.tv

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