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What is a scam site? (Site Review)

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What is a scam site?

Very quickly, you can find a lot of money, which means that site are scam site.

I do not know. You think, I think so.(A scam site is that if you can get a lot of money quickly, it's a scam site.)

                                                                                                              ( No investment is required )

Is this site trustworthy?

* Yes. Because we can mining without any investing in this site.
* And this site helps us quickly with any problem.

Why this site is trustworthy

* I think this site is not a scam site. 
* I have taken money twice on this site. 
* This site is what I think is the first site to give Free Mining
* we can withdrew 0.001 btc,50 Doge

I think is going to be a big one. Because of the first site that gives Free Mining.
Let's meet another faithful site like this.

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