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  1. I got a bit lost here, is this meant to be promotion for buying coffee with bitcoins? Or an ad for a company that sells coffee and accepts bitcoin in payment?
  2. Conversation Starter

    I'd just like to know people's general views on why crypto is as it is right now, the poor performance of ICOs in general and the number of micro crashes that happen daily
  3. Another Bitcoin market trend

    Credits keeps it coming with the news thanks for sharing!
  4. Bitcoin dropped to $8K, again.

    Just when we had caught a good breather
  5. Is it a short-term recovery?

    Fated to always be short term until a serious change in the general market occurs.
  6. Is It Good Time to Invest in Ethereum

    This question has been popping up a lot recently, I feel Eth is going to have a good last rise before sinking into mediocrity for a long time
  7. Bitcoin roadmap

    Any clear speculations on whats next for bitcoin for the next month or so keeping in mind the possibilty of a backswing now that the tokyo whale has stopped selling?
  8. Blockchain Could Change the Face of HR

    Verifiable reputable records thanks to blockchain technology sounds promising.
  9. Panic subsided

    Things were pretty wild for a bit, thankfully its subsided.
  10. Strategies of major market players

    Thankfully the panic is over now