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  1. My mum invests in BTC? Can you?

    Never invest what you aren't prepare to lose
  2. Run Initial Coin Offering Website Easily

    Really great idea! Do you have any examples?
  3. Start with cryto

    Something I urge is to HOLD your investment longterm, not sell it after 3 months. Invest and forget you invested
  4. Hong Kong to Educate Public on Crypto and ICOs

    This will put their next generation at such an advantage!
  5. Are you investing in Alt coins right now?

    With all this FUD and banning, do you think we will have as many ICO growths as we did last year?
  6. With everything going haywire, it's almost impossible to have even the least bit of confidence in an ICO... What are you guys doing? Holding?
  7. Do not give into the FUD!

    FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt It's now common to believe fake news. This is how Donald Trump won America! He made most Americans Fear, become Uncertain and Doubt the truth. This is happening now! Who do you think pays the news companies who report on BTC? Most probably really rich corportations including owners or shareholders of banks and other organizations. Ask yourself, "Do they want me thinking in a fearful way and pulling out my money?" If this is the case, countries have all the power to BUY and gain more power! Why would China consider banning crytpo after investing BILLIONSSSS? It makes no sense. HUDL!
  8. TRIP coin

    Looks interesting... I can't even fathom buying in right now though... I'm pooping bricks.
  9. Is it as easy to manipulate any coin as it is with BTC?
  10. Crypto lottery

  11. Israel Ready to Tax Initial Coin Offerings, Organizers and Investors

    I think taxing is a good thing. It should go into a countries own crypto
  12. Sia Coin

    It is amazing. It's taking a beating right now but hopefully recover
  13. Most interesting alt coin

    Does anybody have a coin that they're so blown away by? If it's not a scam, I think Siacoin is insane.
  14. Thank you for the reassurance
  15. I think we need a sticky. We need a guide to safety looking for alt coins, knowing what to look for in order to identify a scam. First rule; Spelling errors. Many of us are very new to alt-coins, so I'm sure many of you have some advice to give.