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  1. Royal Kingdom Coin (RKC) is a big scam! What is Royal Kingdom Enterprise, Royal Kingdom Coin? Most will not know the name Royal Kingdom Enterprise, Royal Kingdom Coin, this is not surprising, as the team does nothing about advertising and name building. RKC, supposedly developed by Abu Sulayman Saleh and Serge Uvarov, although a very extensive team is mentioned on the website, everything can be traced back to Serge Uvarov, the website’s, the beta version of the software Tomorrowex, in short everything with RKE affiliated as well as the coin can be traced back to Serge. In crowdfunding, the coin raised an amount of around $ 577,200. The price of the ICO at the time when it started was $ 0.10 and then rose to about 1.60. When the ICO was over, the price plummeted, because investors were being fooled into being on Bittrex trading platform. At the last minute, it turned out that RKC had become the victim of some Bobby, who turned out to be a friend of the owner of Bittrex and that he would have promised that it would not be a problem to be added to Bittrex, according to RKC itself in this sense. The price has even fallen so hard that it even ended up below 0.05 cents, because no one had any confidence in RKC. So far, a small introduction of how RKC has evolved in the ICO until after a sharp fall in prices due to a incredibly fake story. The birth of a solid team of desperate investors Because the price was dropped, some large investors have joined forces and have started their own campaign to help RKC over again, this started with the opening of a Telegram group and by writing articles about RKC on different sites, the writing of many chart site’s so that RKC could be seen faster, promoting all their sites, which caused them to increase significantly in the ranking of search engines. Because the investors no longer had confidence, but still kept hope in their own abilities, what was written above was done by a small group. A request to add RKC submitted by me Some of the many requests to different chart / crypto websites Because this small group succeeded in their success, the group quickly started to increase in number, this turned out to be a spammer that in all sorts of crypto groups proved that RKC would be the Bitcoin of Dubai, of course this struck many suddenly many new buyers came. As a result, RKC became stronger on all these sites as biggest gainers twice, even more so in the first place. In fact, the coin promoote itself, causing a strong price increase and RKC showing a potential of a strong coin, which in reality was not. In fact, investors were abused by their despair by the factually non-existent RKC team to manage the chat on Telegram and provide people with answers. I was someone of this myself, difficult questions were removed and the member was blocked. We did this because it could also make other members doubt and because we did not know how to answer certain questions. Serge Uvarov has been contacted several times and the non-existent Jamillia, to express the worry and displeasure. We were generally exhausted with the answers, that thanks to the RKC team the price has increased enormously, so this was against the sore leg of all our efforts. We did not get answers ourselves and started to doubt more and more about the real existence, since with a whole range of employees nobody was able to answer questions in the chat. If you ask me, it is not normal for investors to be given this task and they can pay for advertising, because they themselves do not have enough money at the time for advertising. Be that as it may, there is nothing wrong with that, I was approached by a Jalal and warned, that the whole team was fake and that he had visited the office of RKC in Dubai, but that this was not at all existence. Just as the certificate was falsified according to him I believed it, but I did not want to accept it like other investors, because we had money in it and we could not use this news and did not want to see it. This Jalal, is also approached by the big boss, if he wanted to promote RKC in exchange for money / coins, he refused and rightly so. RKC, therefore, is not who it turns out to be. After I started to get tricky in the eyes of Serge, my admin rights in the telegram were removed and I was expelled from the group. I tried to transfer my last 100 coins to my HitBTC account, but they were frozen by Serge when he discovered that I wanted to publicize what I know about RKC and to warn people about this big scam. They frozen my last 100 RKC, still didn’t receive! Update: Meanwhile, the transaction of the 100 RKC coins, hand-approved, received only 1 RKC coin, 99 coins have disappeared, at the same time my account on venturekingdom is blocked and I have no access anymore! Account blocked on 17–11–2017HitBTC trading platform, 1 RKC coin received, 99 disappeared Direct threat from Serge Uvarov, Chief Technology Officer Video of the Telegram chat: you can check the Telegram ID-number with Telegram+ every Telegram account number is unique. I was directly threatened by Serge Uvarov, that if I caused any damage to the company, a few men would come in front of my door and my data would be distributed. A few hours after the public of his threats and the like Serge began to change position, he dismissed the screens as fake and fake. Now, experienced Telegram users know that with Telegram + everyone can see their unique ID number, this means that each account has a fixed ID number that can not be changed, as opposed to the photo and the name. Serge Uvarov, Chief Technology OfficerVideo of the Telegram chat: you can check the Telegram ID-number with Telegram+ every Telegram account number is unique. In the hours and days after that, I was constantly threatened by one and the same person, but with new telegram accounts every time, the remarkable thing was that it was in fact the same threat, but with a small change, my data, which I would have entered would be distributed in all Telegram chat rooms and people who would lose money would finish me and I know what nonsense even more. Anyway, I do not let myself be threatened and certainly not by a number of scammers. With this story and the accompanying screens of chat and video, I hope that people can see with their own eyes what kind of people they have to deal with. There are enough coins in the crypto currency world in which investments are made Advice The reason I wrote this is to protect people from these criminal people who are behind this scam. At first they were never shown in the chat and they are now active 24/7. Difficult questions or annoying questions are immediately removed and you are thrown out of the group, they try to dismiss everything as spam and fake. They are desperate and are now threatening, beware if you are an investor and try to sell your coins, do not criticize them before you secure your coins and do not let them stand on Venturekingdom! My advice is: stay far from this coin and these people! #ROYALKINGDOMCOIN #ROYALKINGDOMENTERPRISE #VENTUREKINGDOM #TOMORROWEX #SERGEUVAROV Within a short time, I will complete the article with the rest of the screens e.d. A copy of the article on Medium: