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  1. Ethereum Lottery "CryptoGain"

    The chance to win the main prize is 1:5.Terms and Rules for participation in the lottery.In each round there are 100 slots for betting on 0.01ETH.Each participant can fill one or more slots.The minimum bid is 0.01ETH ($ 3).Upon reaching a fixed jackpot of 1ETH size ($ 300), a raffle and prizes are distributed to the winners.In each round, 20 slots win.Each winning slot brings the winner $ 12.At the end of one round, the next round will immediately begin.The maximum length of each tour is a week.CryptoGain is based on Ethereum blockchain smart-contract. It guarantee extremely fair play. Check it! remind you that the time limit is necessary to encourage other players to bet.You can also make multiple bets within one round, thereby increasing your chance of winning.In addition, you have the opportunity to close the tour with additional rates, if the time is running out.Also you can invite other players to the game. That would get additional funds and give you a chance to accelerate your winnings without investing your own funds.Affiliate Program We are preparing a special affiliate program for you. It will allow not only to earn on winnings, but also to have a passive income by attracting new players. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn the details before everybody else and to be the first to participate in the program. Also, those participants who will be noted for the active distribution of information about the game among friends and acquaintances will have the opportunity to participate in the partner program on special terms, with an increased percentage of attracted players.Send your bid (starts from 0.01ETH) at the Ethereum address 0x6c940a8d477922F1CffE012449321098E06Db3f7 and win real money!Make sure you appropriated enough gas for transaction. The optimal number is 200,000. Still have no wallet? There is a quick way to do What is a smart-contract? Tap here to more details