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  1. Trade with the best!

    So Am I the only one who can't see which firm he's referring to?
  2. Novacoin-Nova SCAM?

    So, I couldn't find much information about NovaCoin beside their website and a few threads (dating a few years back). What are your thoughts? I'll quote a reply i saw on another forum-
  3. Trading Cryptocurrencies - is it a scam?

    Trading is great in my opinion, however not binary. I lost about $1000 before i realized it.
  4. Will HBO obtain $250,000 in bitcoin?

    they'll have to get some profit to cover for the losses due to the leaks. if not as ransom- maybe as an investment haha
  5. losses buying Crypto currency and exchanging

    as of now I've only traded on cryptocurrencies, I've yet to purchase one..its still a great way to profit from it.
  6. What happens when bitcoins are lost?

    It's really scarier to think if one day the central banks will cause cryptocurrencis to collapse for their