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  1. Profile Logos and Signatures [FREE/FOR TIPS]

    @Kevin thanks! i hope its enough https://blockchain.info/tx/2359bcdf774a54d9e9a4f46bc19b537bb28624e75df7dd4327c860a19086a39e
  2. Profile Logos and Signatures [FREE/FOR TIPS]

    @Kevin wow @Username logo is amazing! yes I didn't want my username cause I might be changing it :> and on second thought monero's colors are boring how about something like these colors and I love the background, the binary numbers
  3. Profile Logos and Signatures [FREE/FOR TIPS]

    Me next! Logo/Signature/Both?: Both Username: Dionysus Username on Logo/Signature? Y/N both Any other text on Logo/Signature: don't include my username Basic Description (color, appearance, shapes, shading, style, or 'GO CRAZY'): Go Crazy 2D/3D? 2D Any examples you want me to base it off of? (images to work off of in the same style): Off the monero image maybe something with binary matrix-like Tip? N/Y and Amount Yes amt? I dunno lol
  4. Coinomi : Mobile Wallet

    Hey what about this multi-wallet it supports btc, eth, etc, dash, dao, ltc, rep and works across Android, iOS, OSX, Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Linux https://jaxx.io/, though they are missing DOGE One thing I like Jaxx over Exodus is that it changes your receiving address, in exodus you only get 1 address They also have shapeshift.io integration
  5. Will monero ever replace bitcoin?

    it looks legit? Why do you think its a scam?
  6. Coinomi : Mobile Wallet

    I've been looking into exodus.io it seems really nice. I have yet to install it because I can't find a way to verify the the download, no checksum, no gpg key nothing I like the way it looks and the videos. They have been around a little under a year, I wonder how trustworthy they are as well. oh also you have to use the same bitcoin address over and over again?
  7. Coinomi : Mobile Wallet

    When I first installed it I had trouble navigating around the command line interface, I found this page to be very helpful Monero Simple Wallet Commands . I realize it is for "simplewallet" which I was told is the old name. Now its just called monero-wallet-cli, but the commands there work just fine.
  8. BTC Price Speculation Thread

    From its inception bitcoin is climbing, I assume like all things values fluctuate, but the trend is always increasing. I hope it keeps going up I wonder if the value of bitcoin will increase/decrease depending on the outcome of the U.S. Elections, as well as the day of the election, Nov 8th. Also, knowing that the United States economy is artificially propped using quantitative easing. If the US dollar decreases in value, would the value of bitcoin go up? Fast forward into the future where I think most country want to adopt a digital currency and get rid of paper money, is it possible that bitcoin becomes THE digital currency of the future since its so well established?
  9. Coinomi : Mobile Wallet

    The only ones I know of are https://moneroaddress.org/ & Monero Offline Wallet Generator from github and this guide: An extensive guide for securely generating an offline cold paper wallet . I use Monero Core, but its not an offline wallet
  10. Coinomi : Mobile Wallet

    looks great! no love for monero though! What have you heard about it as far as security?
  11. Introduction

    Wow this is great, thanks for contributing to the monero community, I really like monero and it brings me joy to see others interest in it
  12. I have been hearing chatter about darknet markets possibly starting to use monero since it offers better anonymity than bitcoin. However, bitcoin is well establish and its worth is growing. It lacking a GUI doesn't help much either. I came across this post on reddit Why I will not accept XMR (Monero) as a vendor... He does make good points though when speaking about this mixing services to clean your bitcoin to further obfuscate the trail leading back to the buyer, though no one knows if those services are really mixing, they could potentially just be charging you the service fee and returning your original btc right back to you. Not that I condone any illegal activities/purchases that require such anonymity in payments, though if there is an opportunity in investing in monero, while its value at the time of me writing this is ~ $6.00 USD, still relatively low. Does anyone ever think it will one day go up as bitcoin did? I did see a brief moment where monero spiked to ~13$ USD. Or is it better to invest in bitcoin?