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  1. I was just thinking of buying like $100 and not touch it in case it skyrockets lol
  2. lol I'd trade in my computer skills for a few billion personally
  3. Don't laugh, but I am curious with Trump wining what do you think of http://www.trumpcoin.com/ I was thinking of buying some just in case it goes somewhere, or do you think it will be a scam? Anyway its cheap enough to invest in some and see where it goes. However, when I was looking at some exchanges that trade trumpcoin, I only came across 4 of them though I am not sure if they are legit? I never heard of these exchanges. Here are the 4 Exchanges which trade trumpcoin C-Cex YoBit Cryptopia, Nova Exchange. Have you guys heard of any of these? Note: Please don't turn this into a political debate. I am looking at the coin strictly as an investment, I would do the same if it was called SatanCoin, I really don't care the name, or what it is based on, I just care if it makes me money,.
  4. @Kevin thanks! i hope its enough https://blockchain.info/tx/2359bcdf774a54d9e9a4f46bc19b537bb28624e75df7dd4327c860a19086a39e
  5. @Kevin wow @Username logo is amazing! yes I didn't want my username cause I might be changing it :> and on second thought monero's colors are boring how about something like these colors and I love the background, the binary numbers
  6. Me next! Logo/Signature/Both?: Both Username: Dionysus Username on Logo/Signature? Y/N both Any other text on Logo/Signature: don't include my username Basic Description (color, appearance, shapes, shading, style, or 'GO CRAZY'): Go Crazy 2D/3D? 2D Any examples you want me to base it off of? (images to work off of in the same style): Off the monero image maybe something with binary matrix-like Tip? N/Y and Amount Yes amt? I dunno lol
  7. How do you make your coffee? I don't generally like machines to make coffee mainly because I don't like things I consume to touch plastic, especially hot liquids like coffee which can accelerate the release of whatever chemical within the plastic. I have been using a stainless steel pan to heat up the filtered water right before a rapid boil, then I add ground coffee, generally 2 Tablespoons per 8 oz of water (I know it says 6 oz in the instruction) allow to brew in the water (3-5 min) and then pour it through a stainless steel coffee filter. So I guess its sorta like a french press style? Coffee comes out nice, sometimes I like to add a dash of cardamom to my coffee. If your in the US, Trader Joe's had decent coffee and relatively inexpensive, especially around the holidays they have gingerbread coffee, pumpkin spice coffee, and they are flavored naturally. But if money is no object the my favorite coffee companies http://www.intelligentsiacoffee.com/ http://www.caffevita.com/ < its my crack..
  8. I almost have that much, just move the decimal to the left two spaces
  9. umm... you have a seed phrase kinda like electrum does it. I don't think your keys are stored on the server I just started using it like 2 days ago, I like that it syncs on all devices
  10. Another wallet I have been looking at: Jaxx is available for: Android mobile devices Android tablets iOS mobile devices iOS tablets PC desktop Mac desktop Linux desktop And as a browser extension for: Chrome Firefox Jaxx currently supports: Bitcoin Ether TheDAO Dash (not available for iOS wallets) Ethereum Classic Augur REP Litecoin They also have shapeshift.io integration so you can swap your coins within the app. Screenshot on Linux Screenshot on iOS Firefox Plugin: Desktop:
  11. move to the US
  12. From their FAQs "There are no transaction fees for using the card to pay in the US. When traveling outside of the United States of America you will pay a fee of 3% to cover the cost of currency conversion. There is a $2.00 fee for ATM or cash-back withdrawals inside the US and a $3.00 fee for any ATM or cash-back withdrawals outside of the country." Cardholder_Agreement.pdf
  13. Bitpay seems like a nice wallet to manage bitcoin, I am still trying a few different wallets but one thing that draws me to this particular one is that it is multiplatform: iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, MacOS, and even available in the Windows Store. Another thing that I like about it is it the bitpay visa card that you can purchase for $9.95, which you can manage directly from the bitpay app. There is no need to download the blockchain . What does you guys think? Also, has anyone ordered the bitpay visa? I am quite weary about sites that ask for so much personal information. It is technically a prepaid visa card that can be loaded by bitcoin, so why do they need my social security number and drivers license, i am assuming they have to comply with the KYC process. Though I'd like to know if they had a good experience with the visa card before I shell out $10 USD
  14. Hey what about this multi-wallet it supports btc, eth, etc, dash, dao, ltc, rep and works across Android, iOS, OSX, Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Linux https://jaxx.io/, though they are missing DOGE One thing I like Jaxx over Exodus is that it changes your receiving address, in exodus you only get 1 address They also have shapeshift.io integration
  15. it looks legit? Why do you think its a scam?