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  1. I'm looking for insurance blockchains for health and auto insurance. Please let me know what you find. I want to get insured as soon as possible. I have looked around and got in contact with different ICO's but no one seems connected yet, or has established a business model around it.
  2. I see 3 options to startup a coin: 1.) Buy out a forgotten coin & fork the codebase. Buying the community. Revived coins may be easier to market, since some coins exist with forgotten hodl'rs 2.) Fork a coin and rename it . this is what most people do. it's hard to get it marketed. 3.) Use a platform like Ethereum or Waves or Minereum or Bancor... super easy, super inflated, no control over source code. The only problem I see with 1 is that I may not be able to buy all the coins. I want to know the best way to start a coin as a single developer.