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  1. Betbit.com - Online Casino

    Greetings everyone, I figured I'd stop by and chip in with some basic info on a new online casino that was just released this year and strictly based on crypto currency. The name is Betbit.com, they launched their site as of January this year and currently offer live dealer games and slot machine games. Betbit.com has no minimum or maximum limits for deposits or withdrawals. A great attribute when compared to conventional online casinos that still run on fiat currencies which are known to present numerous complications due to credit card restrictions or even country blocks for certain territories. The welcome bonus offered is in the form of a 50% cash back up to 2 Bitcoins on first deposit transactions. Friendly customer service via chat and email and for the most part, most ticket queries appear to be attended within a 24 hour time frame if not sooner. That's pretty much all to share for now but for anyone looking to find out more, feel free to visit the site and check it out. If you guys know of any other crypto currency casinos that are reliable and entertaining please pass on the knowledge, cheers! Rod B.