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  1. Congratulations LiV3WiR3 11 xmr that's ~0.116 btc ~$82 Awesome!
  2. It is simple, I believe bookmakers: http://www.oddschecker.com/politics/us-politics/us-presidential-election-2016/winner The odds are in favour of Clinton
  3. BTC Price Speculation Thread

    I also think that Bitcoin is interesting for developing countries because people there don't have easy access to 'reference' currencies like USD or EURO so they can't buy or sell on the Internet To get back to the subject, I think that Bitcoin price is going to be close to $700 on November
  4. Introduction

    Hi Matthew Hi everyone I will be honest: bitcointalk brought me here However it seems to be a nice forum about crypto and I wish you good luck and long life
  5. There is no doubt that Clinton is going to win Clinton 341 Trump 197 4999ztT9ckiVzBzgzqkZAmTgF2pMtg6PkQrjXgeks5iNZxGozJWsBtXMkuGw3Ptco56deZy8LMTsJKjgv6gTxdFx7bn9vBh