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  1. Just got a Xapo wallet 




    XVG - DSqkdqxGJmfTNxrPHdzN17czYQYDZ1b5th

    Doge - DB5Q4Kqee6aUuVVqsiGwV8yoRKHt1GU13i



  2. Bitcoin moonbit.co.in instant withdraw for Xapo wallets. Claim every 5 min. fieldbitcoins.com Same as moonbit except withdraw muat be over 100 satoshis for instant Xapo Wallet freebitco.in Claim every hour. Withdraw after 30k satoshis. Doge freedoge.co.in claim Doge every hour. Withdraw after 600 doge. moondoge.co.in Claim every 5 min withdraw after 100 Doge
  3. My laptop is going to die out soon lol.  BTC is 900$

  4. Hope everyone had a good Christmas :)

  5. Thank you in advance
  6. At my day job :/ so much fun 

  7. Coinomi : Mobile Wallet

    No they do not sadly
  8. Coinomi : Mobile Wallet

    I have asked the devs at Coinomi if they will be adding Monero to their wallet and this is their reply : Thanks for the suggestion!Monero will be added to Coinomi in one of our upcoming releases.Sincerely,Coinomi Support
  9. Introduction

    Hello and welcome to the world of cryptocurrency. For buying bitcoins I personally use www.coinbase.com . Coinbase is a Bitcoin / Ethereum exchange and wallet. Here is the support page if you need help with anything -> https://support.coinbase.com/ Thank you for joining our forum.
  10. Coinomi : Mobile Wallet

    Quote from Giannis Dzegoutanis, Founder and co-CEO of Coinomi “We are taking security seriously with a healthy dose of paranoia […] we use Hierarchical Deterministic wallets and especially the new BIP44. There is a single seed that the user must keep top secret. The private keys of the user never leave their device. So in case somebody hacks a server, our users founds cannot be stolen. The private keys are encrypted on the device, and can be unlocked with a PIN. After 3 failed retries, the wallet deletes all the private keys and the funds can only be accessed with the secret seed. There is also a third factor authentication that can be used in smartphones that have NFC capabilities. It will be the Coinomi card, more on that after we launch.”
  11. Clinton 190 Trump 348 483tDxVoUPwMyWRk3qK92H1S472SsWoRvJeALXvo8pXHFDhaPySBG9Q8KUzTUCB3MJYC4Sm2tMk9n7dqt8o13foWFZmZ92W
  12. Introduction

    Hello Username welcome to the community
  13. Introduction

    Welcome Gannicus to the site
  14. Introduction

    Hello fusionshrimp and welcome to our forum we are happy to have you here