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  1. The 2nd Qtum Test Network, Skynet, is now live: ___ ___
  2. ___ Hi Everyone, The AirFox Management Team will be at NYC's FinTech Conference next week. Come out to meet them in person and ask any questions you have about the business and/or ICO. ___
  3. Blockchain could be used to prevent car clocking, says Vechain ___ ___
  4. ___ Viberate Will Enable Musicians To Charge For Their Performances In Cryptocurrencies ___
  5. EncryptoTel (ETT) now live on @Cryptopia_NZ Exchange, Marketplace & Forums "Welcome to the family"
  6. Mybit surges to 5,200+ ETH as sale enters final 6hrs ___ ___ 25% bonus STILL active! #iot #renewable #energy #revenue
  7. Decentralized music platform, VOISE has announced a successfully completed crowdsale, following which it has released an updated whitepaper and roadmap. The latest version offers holders all the relevant information regarding development and changes to the project over the next 12 months. VOISE has publicly thanked its crowdsale participants, as it declared a distributed total of 825,578 VSM tokens, across 1151 different addresses. Of the total tokens sold, 24,787 VSM were offered as bounty rewards and the team has kept a total of 41,279 VSMs. Following the successfully distributed bounties, VOISE has reopened the Slack channel to frequent users requiring regular contact with the team and the most up-to-date information. The Slack channel is open to all participants and community members for information of any kind. More
  8. Final 12 hrs of tokensale, 25% bonus still live. Get yours here: ___ ETH Balance: 4,866.6105936531 Ether ___ MyBit on Cointelegraph just over 12 hours left to contribute to the ICO tokensale on ethereum ___
  9. Press: ___ Ex-Googlers Using Ethereum to Increase Mobile Internet Affordability and Digitize Credit Scoring with AirFox ___
  10. Forbes Article: Why Blockchain Is The Future Of The Sharing Economy ___ Mybit, the blockchain powered platform connecting investors to future-proof projects, is a good example to a company that utilizes this idea. The company’s vision is to democratize the ownership of machines and its resulting revenue streams instead of letting them fall into the control of centralized financial institutions. The platform will be applicable to drones, self-driving cars, smart homes, autonomous machinery, 3D printers and more. ___ The increasing need for clean energy has influenced the platform to choose solar panels and energy generation as its first initiative. Through its initiative, MyBit is presently on a mission to accelerate the adoption of decentralized grid among the masses. ___ Read the full article on Forbes
  11. The Qtum team will be in Seoul hosting a meetup on August 16th, contact them if you'd like to attend! ___ Email: Facebook: Twitter: Forum: Slack: Wechat or QQ:
  12. ETH Balance: 4,382.67828959055 Ether ___ Final 1 day 11 hours to get in on Mybit, and the 25% bonus is still active at this time! Navigate to: ___ Still undecided? Check out the whitepaper: ___
  13. Byteball for web merchants solution: Accept payments in Bytes for any goods or services you sell on the internet! ___ ___
  14. ___ #ICYMI: Catch up now on loads of new information and updates: ___ ___ Questions about The Upgrade? We have answers! ___
  15. _ VeChain 1st meetup @ Shanghai ___ China's Largest Wine Importer Wants Wine on a Private Blockchain ___