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  1. CoinDesk NewYork – November 28th – Arrange a meeting to learn more:
  2. MODEX ADDS TOP ADVISOR FROM GOOGLE Modex (, the smart contract marketplace, announces the signing of Google executive as its latest advisor. Onur Bildik, a Google seasoned business professional, advises large brands on digital transformation and marketing strategies. Bildik's success has been in mentoring start-ups and newcomers at both Google Campus and in the new ecosystem of tech innovation. Read the rest here:
  3. Meet Cedex: The World’s First Blockchain-Based Diamond Exchange ___ Using innovative technological solutions, CEDEX wants to transform the current diamond industry, making diamonds a transparent and fungible investment asset. ___ Read it here:
  4. BlockChain Summit London – November 28th. Presenting CEDEX at 13:45 – 14:05 in room 4. Drop by Booth B54 to learn more
  5. : Public sale is NOW LIVE!

    Public Sale update after first 51hrs now. ___ 3,292.47 ETH raised so far, worth $1,178,473.78 USD. Closing in on $9,200,000 USD total including presale. ___ 11% BONUS AVAILABLE TILL 24-Nov-2017 12 PM(NOON) GMT
  6. : Public sale is NOW LIVE!

    Public Sale update after first 28hrs now. ___ 3,028 ETH raised so far, worth $1,014,380 USD. Closing in on $8,500,000 USD total including presale.** ___ 11% BONUS AVAILABLE TILL 24-Nov-2017 12 PM(NOON) GMT ___
  7. Cedex bounty program is live! Register for the Presale Whitelist All You Need To Know About CEDEX A quick 101 about CEDEX - the first certified blockchain based diamond exchange. Meet Saar our CEO, who will give you a quick run through about the project. PRESENTING CEDEX - Fintech Tel-Aviv Meetup Saar CEO presents CEDEX at the Fintech Tel - Aviv Meet-up in November 2017
  8. : Public sale is NOW LIVE!

    ___ The public salebegins Friday Nov 17 at 1200PM UTC (that's now!) and runs until to Dec 10 at 1200PM UTC. ___ Use ONLY the site to register for and take part in the sale. ___ Be aware that there may be phishing sites - after many of them have been destroyed - so be very careful. Take your time, and make sure you are using the correct site and wallet address. ___ Here's some written instructions for participating in the sale: ___ Here's some video instructions for participating in the sale: ___ Go Spectre!
  9. Ronen presents CEDEX at the Israel Innovation Authority Delegation in Japan. October 2017 CEDEX - The First Certified Blockchain Based Diamond Exchange is a global exchange that focuses on bridging the gap between the traditional diamond industry and the innovative financial markets. CEDEX is engineering a groundbreaking change – enabling people to liquidate and invest in diamonds like any other financial asset, in a transparent and secure way.
  10. : Public sale is NOW LIVE!

    SpectreAI Interview With CEO Kay Kimani - Published on Nov 15, 2017 ___ The future of Digital Options, Forex and CFD trading is here. SPECTRE, short for speculative tokenised trading exchange, is a financial prediction market platform backed by a tokenised liquidity pool. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, SPECTRE's platform combined with the decentralised and autonomous liquidity pool owned by the token sale investors takes the broker out of the equation completely resulting in a revolutionary change in the trading world and a new level of transparency. ___
  11. Finova Financial Unveils JOBS Crypto Offering Regulated public securities offering would allow non-accredited investors to use cryptocurrency to invest in established companies November 8, 2017 Palo Alto – November 8, 2017 – Cooley advised Finova Financial on the creation of a fundraising process known as a JOBS crypto offering or JCO. The offering, when completed, will give investors the opportunity to invest in equity ownership of previously privately held companies using cryptocurrency. Read the rest of Cooley's statement here:
  12. Miko Matsumura, guest speaker at the Blockchain Unleashed by Modex event, at RocketSpace
  13. The CEO of Finova – who has an extensive finance background and was most recently the CEO of a MasterCard and Telefonica joint venture for mobile payments – sees the JCO as a way for startups to raise capital, with the structure and regulation of private equity, but without the high cost of raising via VCs.
  14. Meet the team! Blockchain Summit Kyiv NOVEMBER 25, 2017 Kyiv
  15. Qtum Core & QRC 20 Tokens Today we are releasing Qtum Core v1.1.1. This includes all of the Qtum QRC Token features as the previous release, but fixes some confusing behavior. Now, anytime a contract or token sending transaction is created, the sender address will be used as the change address, assuring that the sender address always has a UTXO. Also included in this release is a bug fix for the `-salvagewallet` feature so that it can also salvage token transactions and not just native Qtum transactions. Read more here: