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  1. I have been gone for months. I apologize, my PC completely died and I got off the crypto scene. I'm actually using my phone to write this so I'm not completely back but I'm here I guess. I'm not involved in cryptopool anymore, but it looks like it got off great and I wish luck to anyone who is still involved ❤
  2. [ANN] Cryptopool.io - EqualPay Whitepaper

    A little reminder to whitepaper editors; This is for the equalpay system, no mentioning cryptopool.io, or we, or us
  3. [ANN] Cryptopool.io - EqualPay Whitepaper

  4. [ANN] Cryptopool.io - EqualPay Whitepaper

    fukshit man let me aaaaa i suck at writing but i'll get it started.
  5. "Forecasting is difficult especially when it concerns the future" wat fore·cast - predict or estimate (a future event or trend).
  6. Closed giveaway topic when I still want to comment

    That would start censorship. I'm against that, I'm against locking threads at all. Everyone should be heard, no matter how fucking retarded they are. A thread should only be closed if it has nothing to discuss (shitcointalk kinda) or the majority of the community that knows of that post wants it closed. (giveaway closed 100%) triggered
  7. Biweekly Crypto TALK

    The trollbox chat would be pretty hard to integrate with irc
  8. Biweekly Crypto TALK

    Should we have a biweekly cryptotalk Google hangout or Livestream talking about the future of the site, cryptocoin news, etc. For example the first one would and should be on the eighth and we would talk about the Election, the giveaway, cryptopool.io, zcrash, and other things. Active members would be invited to talk and such. Anyone up for it? Also please mention people you think would be interested in this. @jwinterm @bitcoindad @TDKMATT @Unknown
  9. https://discord.gg/5s8eaSy
  10. Bitcoin Birthday !

    its not that old jap guy.
  11. Profile Logos and Signatures [FREE/FOR TIPS]

    sent https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/1a95dc0ed7761f5551631a9f23c0fd140099b4eb15ee2e326263e990a497fd60/
  12. Profile Logos and Signatures [FREE/FOR TIPS]

    omg i love it i'm dying with the "Sorry, but this one already exists" i fucking love you. Could you change it to "That username is taken. Try another." since that's more universal will tip you ~0.002 when my miner pays out