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  1. Will monero ever replace bitcoin?

    i never kept them - always sold them
  2. Pfff, lot of informations - thanks vindyne8, will read with calm when I have a moment
  3. InstaForex Company News

    Altcoins or not?
  4. ICO: MAGOS – the Initial Coin Offering

    sound interesting. not sure the true purpose of this.
  5. How should I start my coin dev career?

    first - the idea. you need an idea for a coin that wasnt used. simply put it - create some that give plus value.
  6. thanks username... long time no see!
  7. Hello CryptoTalk community

    cheers mate
  8. Thanks for sharing Magnet - for me, way to much clicks to get those coins :))
  9. actually, i didnt knew but regarding music which i love this seems interesting
  10. What is an ICO?

    thanks but i think regarding ICO we have more and more to write
  11. ICO: HydroMiner – the Initial Coin Offering

    Thanks for info! lots of green energy and energy projects lately
  12. ICO: FinShi Capital – the Initial Coin Offering

    Thanks for info!
  13. ICO: Tokenza – the Initial Coin Offering

    Thanks for info!
  14. thanks for info Sabrina