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  1. Hello friends! I am very sorry to reply that late... very late indeed but you all know ... hollidays. So, after verifying all we have our winners: First place: vindyne8 Second place: allzuckedup Third place: cpuminingio Special prize: Kevin Congrats to all. Prizes will be sent to you shortly in max 2 days. Enjoy and good luck you all! Bvalis
  2. Hello! We wanted to let you peeps know that we have now our youtube channel. please visit, watch, subscribe and share if you like. youtube link here: Enjoy!
  3. hey phil! welcome!
  4. looks great mate. will try it in the next days!
  5. yeah... got it myself but didnt had time to create/respond maybe today
  6. all received! thanks! please don't forget about others 2 competitions that we hold. good luck to all!
  7. Thanks for the info! And good luck with everything. I really like your project!
  8. Hello peeps! Today i want to tell you that you can buy almost everything on the internet stores with bitcoin. I know you know that can be done but just wanted to give you more info. Since is almost xmas and you may want to buy stuff i will tell that you can pay with bitcoins this: Subscriptions are recurring payments. This includes subscription-based services (such as the options below) or any other periodic payments made on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis (examples include web hosting, video games, diet programs, etc). Bills / Payments are one-time payments or invoices. This includes any payments which can be made online via credit card such as utility bills, completion of product orders through your own account, etc. Products are generally purchased via Coinsfer by international customers who can’t purchase U.S. products directly. However, U.S. residents can purchase products via Coinsfer as well, and we will make purchases through our account and send them directly to you. The process is like this: You want to pay Bitcoins for something which requires credit card. You send Bitcoins to us instead… Then we complete your payment via credit card! You can check fees and more and more information here: Coinsfer Link Here Enjoy! PS: i already got my a printer from HP
  9. you are saying apollo factom?:)
  10. Hello! Playing this video on loop non stop. Please watch and give us more ideas if you have. thanks! Video loop here:
  11. for me: bansky!
  12. NB: this is not my challenge, just took it from some place and it was interesting for me and i think it might be for you guys aswell. here is it:
  13. will post here one today or tomorrow.
  14. hihi, hope it stays :)))