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  1. Following Huawei, the initiative to create a block-smartphone was adopted by HTC. HTC Exodus reported that it is going to be “the first smartphone with native support for blockchain.” The creator of HTC Vive (a set of virtual reality) Phil Chen mentioned the development of the phone in his speech at the Consensus conference. The smartphone will support the blockchain — protocols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightning Network and Definity. In HTC Exodus, in addition to the Android OS, there will be pre-installed cryptocurrency purse. The purse, incidentally, will be universal and it is possible that you will have the opportunity to use and pay with Sibcoin. The date of release of the smartphone and its cost are still unknown, but it is possible that the smartphone can be purchased with cryptocurrency. That is actually such a strategic step for HTC as the development of its own company, and as a PR of the new device. We hope that the use of blockchain in OC Android will not be the only one advantage in the new generation. However, one interesting question arises: who will launch it first — HTC or Huawei? Stay up to date with Sibcoin World Cryptocurrency news, do not forget to subscribe Sibcoin blog on Medium and discuss the latest news and project developments in the community chat in Telegram (https://t.me/sibcoin_en)