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  1. BitcoinHardwareShop.EU is an European reseller of Cryptocurrency Mining Products located in Poland. We sell both NEW and USED crypto-miners worldwide, as well as providing warranty and post-warranty service for ASICs in Northern Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherland, Belgium, Poland, France). We resell the following products, and a whole lot more: -Antminer A3 -Antminer S9 -Antminer L3+ -Antminer D3 We also sell other mining products, such as iBeLink. Accepted payment methods are Bank (wire) Transfer and Bitcoin/Altcoins payments. Wire Transfer is to be done according to the invoice to official company bank account with registration in Poland, Europe. Our live chat support, email or phone support will be happy to assist you with your order. Sincerely, www.BitcoinHardwareShop.EU. (VAT: PL 9542783150)