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  1. My mum invests in BTC? Can you?

    The way the bitcoin community is a bit destructive in its own way, I had to sit my mother down whom is 55 years old and explain how unpredictable it is to work, however after explaining to her how volatile it really is, she was still prepared to risk her money for a short-term gain if it works, my mother is absolutely awesome! in her own way that she really wants to learn!
  2. New amd 580 build stable!

  3. Revolut mastercard - Withdrawing money?

    So, today just a small update from my mining farm, nicehash withdrawal limits increase but then go down unexpectantly revolut master card, revolutionizing technology with a physical card which I will be using to withdraw out of coinbase, HSBC was being a pain in the ass to get working, just got fed up of it!
  4. So my rig isn't stable as of yet, I need to install the new bios I think, however it keeps crashing, so I installed two fans to try and control the heat a bit more - maybe I have done any suggestions please comment below as I am stumped now!