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  1. SiaCoin

    This post says $5 and now you are saying $2. Suspicious don't you think? Let us know where do you hear about the $2 deal? Their website says $5 as well.
  2. Crypto lottery

    Not sure how would I elaborate it how would you avoid scam. You will learn as you spend your time in crypto world. I like the idea of crypto lottery. And I suggest you to go with the smaller amounts since you are new to it. All the best.
  3. Sia Coin

    I thought a decentralized cloud service would love to accept decentralized crypto currency as their payment, not $5 USD for every month.
  4. I'm New To Forum But Old To Crypto :)

    Welcome CryptoSoldier7. Welcome to the forum. Just come back from Alt Coin section and couldn't find your interesting post. If you just give us the link of your post that would be great. Thank you.
  5. ICO help/Advice PECULIUM

    If you are interested about PECULIUM then you should known better about the expenses. Well, I'm a newbie as well. However, welcome to the community.
  6. Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone I am Robert new member of this forum. Hope all of you doing good. I am happy to see the increasing price of BTC.
  7. Hi everyone totally newbie here

    Nice to meet you and welcome to this forum. Hope you are having a good time over here. It is true that before investing in any ALTCOIN or ICO analysis is must.