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  1. Start with cryto

    If I were you, I would go for something which is involved with less risk - Ethereum, for example. The erc20 gives its lack of imitability and its potential is higher than BTC. Consider also IOTA, ADA, and NEO. If you're thinking into going into ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings), I'd suggest you to view these two giants: Cointed and Giftz Good luck!
  2. Hong Kong to Educate Public on Crypto and ICOs

    Great! There's never enough education on this topic.. By the way, can someone recommend me more promising projects, such as Giftz and Cointed? Thank you!
  3. For all ICO traders: have you heard of Giftz and Cointed? I'm considering investing in both of them but am still unsure.. thoughts?
  4. It already exists. So What?

    I've read a lot about EvaCoin. Is it a valuable project for an investment in? I'm hesitating regarding this.. For example, I've invested in Monero, Gatcoin, and CTD but am unsure about this one..
  5. Notizie del crittovaluta Dash

    Yes, check out these: 1. Cointed 2. Giftz 3. Omnitude 4. Bee Token
  6. ICO: Confideal – the Initial Coin Offering

    I've checked Confideal ICO and it seems like a wise investment (as anything could be called "wise", nowadays..) The whitepaper is well-written and the company seems credible. So far I cannot detect any red flags, thus, I'd consider it. For example, I've invested in the past in various projects, such as Cointed and Giftz. The former one formed an alliance with Nvidia and TAS Group and are focusing on Green Mining and multiple Crypto ATMs launch in Europe. The latter one formed an alliance with BlockV and are introducing various rewards into the blockchain, along with Augmented Reality. Check them out, if you're interested. Currently, I'm searching for other prospective projects in which to invest in. Nucleus Vision and Bee Token would be two. Any other options?
  7. Sia Coin

    Agree. A very nice project, indeed. Consider also Cointed and Giftz. You won't be disappointed!
  8. Avoiding Scams when buying Altcoins

    I've been investing in ICO's for more than an year, thus, I'd share my current experience and portfolio: Read a lot prior to an investment and always be critical. Check YouTube videos, Reddit and Bitcointalk threads. Ask for opinions on blogs and ALWAYS place your objective and critical judgment on each project - is it adding value to the public? Is the team behind it credible? How is the whitepaper written? etc. For example, I've invested in these: 1. Cointed - formed by their alliance with Nvidia and TAS Group, this ongoing ICO focuses on green mining and on Crypto ATM launch all over Europe. 2. Titanium - an amazing project, focusing on the construction infrastructure. Great team, high potential, high ROI 3. RestartEnergy - the very first ETH token focusing on renewable energy.
  9. Seems interesting. I'll do my research and might invest in it. Meanwhile, may I also be provided with some feedback on Cointed and LiveEdu? Thank you!
  10. I'm personally considering an investment in OriCoin. Is it a credible project? I've read a lot and I stumbled upon mixed feelings, so I am currently unsure. I've invested in many ICO's, however, whose reviews are mostly positive (better play safe than risk to lose, eh?): 1. Cointed (CTD) - an ongoing ICO project formed by their alliance with Nvidia and TAS Group. It deals with green mining, Crypto ATM launch all across Europe and blockchain transparency. The whitepaper is amazing.2. LiveEdu - an upcoming ICO project where content creators teach learners how to build real products. A very promising campaign, great team, well-written whitepaper3. Restart Energy - the world's first Ethereum token able to virtually store electrical energy.Opinions?
  11. I've invested in LiveEdu and Giftz. Amazing projects! I'd be more cautious with Restart Energy, as I the team behind them is covert. Additionally, consider Cointed (CTD). It is an amazing ongoing ICO project, focusing on Green Mining and Crypto ATM launch in Europe. Their partnership with Nvidia and TAS Group made that possible!
  12. Crypto Day Trading Advice

    Thank you for the thread. I'll share here my altcoin and ICO's investments: Among the altcoins, I like the following:1. ETH2. IOTA3. IOTAAmong ongoing and upcoming ICO's:1. Titanium - the project will usher in a new era of network construction2. Cointed (CTD) - a partnership between Cointed, Nvidia and TAS Group enabled this token to come into existence. Promotes green mining and Crypto ATMs launch in Europe3. - a loyalty program into the blockchain, indeed something interesting. Also, it deals with augmented reality. Partnership with BlockVAll of the stated above coins are projects in which I have invested and am currently pretty satisfied. Try them out and let me know what you think.
  13. Short term investments?

    If you're considering a short-term investment, consider ICO's. They hold a lot of risk but are an undeniable method for fundraising, especially if you do your research. Currently I'm investing in the following: LiveEdu, Restart Energy, and Titanium. I'm currently getting familiarized with Cointed (CTD). Their whitepaper seems promising and the company behind the project has a trustworthy record - it partnered with Nvidia and TAS Group, which enables it to do green mining and to launch multiple ATMs all over Europe. They seem promising, as well.
  14. Hi. I'm currently searching for information regarding Bountie and I already read their whitepapers and checked the companies behind them, which speaks for their credibility. I'm currently searching for more information coming from individual investors, in order to make sure that these projects are decent and not SCAMS. Has anyone heard anything about them and can provide me with more detailed info?Thanks