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  1. South Korea has caused some restlessness in the crypto-coin market following an announcement that it is working on legislation restricting the trade in virtual currencies across the country. Fortunately for those who saw the market as it started falling, this week's statement about banning the crypt-coin trade was not done with the approval of the entire government. The Statement of the Minister of Justice of the country was made without the support of his own ministry or the rest of the government. His action has caused some panic on the market, which is why there is now a petition for Park Sang-Ki to be dismissed from the position of Justice Minister. However, measures to regulate the trade in crypto-coins will be set up to prevent abuses and allow them to be taxed. Now that the situation is clear, markets should return to normal over the next few days
  2. Nice to hear about your journey. Keep doing like that and you can get a lot of money! Also, thanks for the tutorial.
  3. It is said that Etherum will be a great competitor for Bitcoin this year. I think it's worth to buy not to mine... You'll consume more energy than getting profit
  4. This new exchange website looks very nice! Well done!
  5. Hello Everyone

    Welcome Robert! I'm happy that Bitcoin is increasing too!!