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  1. Whalecorp Discussion ICO Review

    No one can review this ico help me
  2. Whalecorp Discussion ICO Review

    Hi guys, I'm newbie in cryptocurrency field. A world is bursting with ICO selling site, I don't know which ico selling website is safe (safe here mean with lower risk of scamming). https://whalecorp.co/https://whalecorp.co/products.phphttps://whalecorp.co/roadmap.phpI found this website selling ICO yesterday, I was doing research about it, it's roadmap is very clearly and it's products content is very potential, but nothing is absolute because I'm just a newbie.Any cryptocurrency expert here can review this site for me please. Is there any risk to deposit to it?Is there any scamming sign in this site?Thanks you for take your time to read my post!