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  1. Authoreon Platform

    Authoreon is a platform with many awesome features.It has smart contracts authorizations, authentications and verifications. It consist of three layers. These layers are blockchain layer, synapes layer, access lock layer.The blockchain layer which is based on ethereum blockchain which runs smart contracts and prevent fraud, downtime, or third party interference.It also enables digital ledger of assets and transaction to be shared on a distributed database but giving anonymity to the users.Each of the users hold a copy of their transactions and former transactions which are constantly being evaluated before another transaction can be added.Whenever the user add a transaction all of the participants in a network run an evaluation algorithm to verify the transaction. If it is valid then that transaction will be written to the blockchain.The next layers is the synapes layer which is between the blockchain and access lock layer and act as connection between the two layers. It is responsible in enabling smart authorization contracts. Smart contracts are the one that verify or enforce negotiation of contracts.The synapse layer also responsible for storing information securely and safely. The synapse layers improves processing of transactions in a single block which makes a blockchain lighter and faster. It generates temporary access on the blockchain with the access lock layer making it more secure from cyber attacks.The access lock layer is another layer above the synapes layer. It filters incoming request and give a temporary access if the request is authorized. Access lock layer uses a key algorithm which consist a static key and a dynamic key which will be temporary given when a request is given an authorization. The Authoreon also allows ‘minting’ of coins with the access lock layer which increase the number of Authoreon coins owned.Minting of coins can also compared to mining in the blockchain.The authoreon platform will be accessible to a user friendly graphical user interface in the web which helps users to easily navigate within the web application.It will also have its own wallet in Android, IOS, and Windows which can be used in mining or minting and doing transactions in that platform. Authoreon will also consist of different modules that improves the features of the platform and its performance. It has also a plugin which gives opportunity to a third party to use Authoreon on their applications. You can join their telegram channel in https://t.me/authoreonio. You can check their website in https://www.authoreon.io/ which I used as reference on this one. You can follow their twitter page on Please support this new cryptocurrency.Thank you #Authoreon #ICO #InitialCoinOffering #Blockchain