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  1. Lisk Investor? Vote BlueDragon

    Hi all Lisk investors, please help me get into the main-net forgers list by voting bluedragon within your Lisk wallet. I will be offering 90% daily shares once forging as well as Christmas and special bonuses. As well as that I'm a coder and member of Lisk.builders who will work towards building the value of Lisk with useful projects based around the platform and will run various sidechains once the SDK is released offering free token airdrops to my voters. If you require test-net Lisk and vote for me send me a direct message on Lisk.chat and I can help you out, many thanks. Delegate Proposal: https://forum.lisk.io/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=1683 Current Projects: https://github.com/BlueDragon555/awesome-lisk https://bluedragon555.github.io/Lisk-Nodes-Status-Check https://bluedragon555.github.io/Lisk-Value-Calculator https://github.com/BlueDragon555/Lisk-Value-Calculator-Extension
  2. If you sign up now while the offer lasts you can get 2 free POSToken which is an Ethereum based lending platform: https://lending.postoken.org If you purchase NXT now on the HitBTC exchange using the following link you will be airdropped 0.5 Ignis for every NXT token you hold on the 28th December: https://hitbtc.com