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    VIBERATE ICO | WHITEPAPER | LIVE SERVICE | SLACK | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM ▄▄▄ WHAT IS VIBERATE Viberate is a platform that joins the entire live music ecosystem under one roof. Currently it acts as IMDB for live music, where profiles of musicians are ranked according to their online popularity. It is built and curated by the Viberate user community. Our end game is to disrupt the music industry as we know it by becoming the biggest global talent marketplace. Viberate’s database, community, holistic approach and marketplace features are the four elements that make its service unique and revolutionary. ▄▄▄ VISION Our vision is to revolutionize the way musicians are presented and booked as well as to open the world of live music to anyone who wants to participate in it by decentralizing discovery and booking processes with the use of the blockchain technology. ▄▄▄ THE BIGGEST CURATED LIVE MUSIC DATABASE IN THE WORLD Featuring more than 120,000 musicians, 40,000 music venues and 60,000 events. The profiles are daily updated from a variety of social media and streaming channels, ticketing services and online artist calendars. The profiles feature - Official social media links - User ratings - Daily updated stats from all major social media and streaming channels, including fan growth, user engagement and fan geo distribution - Recent content (audio, video, photos) - Gig dates with ticket links - Contact info ▄▄▄ A DECENTRALIZED COMMUNITY-BASED SERVICE, FUELED BY THE VIBE TOKEN Viberate has always been decentralized in its core. The database has always been open for public, so anyone could add new artists. We managed to build the database we have today with the help of over 50,000 contributors and we will always keep it open for anyone to take part in maintaining its relevance. Such level of decentralization allows Viberate to be on top of rapidly moving trends in the music industry. Using the blockchain technology to crowdsource the curating process of the information in musician, venue and event profiles is the only reasonable and rational way to keep the database up to date and relevant. Those 50,000 Viberate contributors didn’t get anything in return for their contributions. Now the blockchain technology allows us to reward them for their work with Vibes (VIB) from our bounty allocation. The Vibe represents the atomic unit of our crowdsourced concept, and the service’s growth and relevance depends on it. The Vibe will become a go-to currency for the music industry as a whole. Besides using the tokens on the Viberate platform, there will also be an array of smart contracts connected with music industry where Vibes will be used as a core currency. One of our main purposes is investing into the growth of our service and rewarding community efforts with Vibes from our bounty pool. Scheme below illustrates the Vibe’s circle of life. ▄▄▄ THE FIRST EVER BLOCKCHAIN-BASED LIVE MUSIC MARKETPLACE With the database and communication channels in place, our platform enables the implementation of a live music marketplace on both, B2B (musician-event organizers) as well on B2C (ticketing, crowdfunding live performances) levels. >>OUR PRODUCT IS ALREADY LIVE AND KICKING WITH A LIVELY GROWING COMMUNITY OF ARTISTS, BOOKING AGENTS, MANAGERS AND FANS WAITING FOR YOU TO JOIN THEM. ▄▄▄ TEAM The team behind the project is a combination of experienced managers, event organizers, developers and cryptocurrency experts. View team members with their LinkedIn profiles here. ▄▄▄ MARKET - According to a research conducted by CISAC and UNESCO, the music industry has an annual turnover of $250 billion USD. - Live performances take up to one third of that amount. - There are around 50 million music events taking place globally each year. - While represented artists account for a small fraction of a percent, millions of smaller artists are unrepresented. Their fees range from less than $100 all the way to a couple thousand USD. - The live music sector is growing rapidly, due to a technological development, which allows people to engage in music easier than before (it only takes a Mac and a YouTube tutorial to become a DJ). An estimation, based on the above numbers predicts the addressable market of $35B per year in unrepresented artist fees. ▄▄▄ BUSINESS MODELS The platform allows for the implementation of different business models in a B2B as well as in a B2C segment. On a B2B segment, Viberate can act as a marketplace, targeted advertising platform, networking tool and a data analytics service. On a B2C segment, we will tap into the ticketing business. In the decentralized spirit, the revenue from all models will be shared with the participating community. - MUSICIAN BOOKING COMMISSION - ADVERTISING REVENUE - ACCESS TO PREMIUM INDUSTRY CONTACTS - TICKETING - 3RD PARTY INTEGRATIONS ▄▄▄ ICO AND VIBE TOKENS DISTRIBUTION One time VT emission is planned. Vibe Tokens will be distributed in the following way The funds raised by crowdfunding will be used for Viberate.com’s further development, marketing campaigns, sales and PR, legal expenses and international expansion. ▄▄▄ ICO INVESTMENT ALLOCATION The funds raised by crowdfunding will be used for Viberate.com’s further development, marketing campaigns, sales and PR, legal expenses and international expansion. We strive to deliver our features as comprehensive as possible, which is why we made product and technical development a priority of our operations. This decision is strongly reflected in our investment allocation strategy that is divided into two phases. The development cap defines the maximum amount of funds, needed to accomplish the development goals, defined in our roadmap. A portion of the funds is also reserved for the initial marketing campaign of a smaller scale. The marketing cap is intended to cover the cost of marketing, namely direct sales and the launch of a global PR and advertising campaign. With the service firmly in place, our main goal in the second phase is to spread the word about Viberate all over the world. ▄▄▄ DISCOUNTS Early backers will be rewarded with a discount. The discount rate will drop with every week, starting with 12% and ending with 0% on the last week of the ICO JOIN OUR ICO WWW.VIBERATE.IO GET IN CONTACT WITH THE TEAM ON OUR SLACK or TELEGRAM! DOWNLOAD OUR WHITEPAPER CHECK OUT OUR SERVICE WWW.VIBERATE.COM
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    ___ Not sure what to do with that extra ETH? Cointelegraph has 5 reasons why to put them into: https://www.viberate.io/ ___ https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/5-reasons-why-to-contribute-to-viberates-token-crowdsale
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    Viberate.com will allow musicians to charge for performance fees in cryptocurrencies ___ Viberate.com is a live music database, featuring over 120 thousand profiles of musicians – from superstars to local garage bands. Profiles feature daily updated social media stats, gig dates, content feed and even manager/agent contacts. Anyone can add new profiles and artists can claim existing ones by simply verifying their identity through their Facebook account. ___ The service is already used by major talent agencies to analyze their roster as well as by big event organizers who want to discover the next big star. The European Commission chose Viberate as one of eight European startups, bound to change the global music industry: https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/creative-europe/news/20170602-music-moves-europe-8-selected-start-ups-midem-2017_en ___ Read more on NewsBTC: http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/08/01/viberate-com-will-allow-musicians-charge-performance-fees-cryptocurrencies/amp/
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    How is Viberate different? The most common question we’ve been getting lately is “How are you different from Musiconomi, Voise, Opus and other blockchain-based music startups?” (If you’re not familiar with any of the above, go ahead and read [this sweet review from Crowd Conscious](https://medium.com/@CrowdConscious/4-cryptocurrency-platforms-providing-relief-for-music-artists-part-2-5115c52d4869).) ___ It’s quite simple. The only thing we have in common is that we all try to solve problems today’s musicians are encountering on a daily basis. ___ The main difference is that those services operate in the recorded music segment, whereas Viberate focuses on the live segment. ___ Read more: https://medium.com/viberate-blog/how-are-we-different-105180c44630