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  2. Hi,dear forum members. The final lap: investments into ATB Coin will stop on July 12, 2017 In two weeks after launching (June 12, 2017) a New York-based cryptocurrency startup ATB Coin has attracted over 14 million USD and over 1000 investors, mainly from the USA, Canada and China. Edward Ng and Herbert William Hoover, the founders and main investors of ATB Coin, expect to raise up to 50 million USD during the whole period of ICO. On June 29, 2017 the final fourth ICO round starts, in which participants can get ATB coin with 1% bonus. Numerous advantages such as breakthrough technologies, economy and unlimited throughput of transactions per second made ATB coin the most expected cryptocurrency.Any amount of transactions is processed within a payment channel for free; the calculation of the network commission occurs after the channel closure. ATB coin is going to compete not only with crypto-analogs, but also with such payment processors as VISA or MC. There is good reason to believe ATB Coin can push the whole market into a transition. The key advantage of a new cryptocurrency lies in using the world’s most advanced protocols for its development: - SegWit (Segregated Witness) — for optimizing the size of transactions by combining multiple transactions into one block. - Lightning Network — for optimizing the block network. - ATB Offline Codes — to give users the ability of purchasing virtual goods online. - Smart Contracts — an electronic algorithm that describes a set of conditions, the implementation of which entails real life events known to everyone. At present Edward Ng and Herbert William Hoover are negotiating with major international crypto-exchange platforms pursuing the aim to live up to the expectations of their investors in shortest possible time. The opening of payment gateway for investors and mining launch will occur right after the end of ICO. Investments into ATB Coin are accepted in four dominant cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ZCash. Crowdfunding of ATB Coin will end on July 12, 2017 Please don't forget about our Telegram chat. Online support will help you with a pleasure! Also you can add us by Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,LinkedIn,watch ATB Coin YouTube channel or visit our Website and view Whitepaper. Media Contact Contact Name: Ales Contact Email: Location: New York, USA
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  4. Tune in 6/29 @ 0700AM PST to watch David Siegel of Pillar Project's webinar. ___ In this session David will answer all of your Blockchain-related questions from the most basic to the complex. This session includes what's happening in the cryptocurrency and token revolution, what to watch out for, and how to get in on it. ___
  5. A Kore Twitter Campaign has been activated at! Take 30 seconds, earn some free coin, and support Kore in the process! Check it out at: New block explorer: Important Mandatory Update: Please bear with us while we await the new OP page/wallet release. IF you don't have these latest wallets installed we are requesting you update them ASAP. There are some old wallets out there causing issues with the staking. 1-Windows Wallet standard: Windows Wallet with updated Peers.dat file so the wallet will sync easier.!lBlGmL7R!UW-lzmtfHa1OeC0dn_D18jq4KXejST32oyeNApQVqOE Current peers.dat file to get the wallet to connect/sync. Use the link below to go to the "Kore Support" thread and replace your peers.dat file with the most current one uploaded. Peers & Nodes: Current Peers: 43ddpe3mgqu6im72.onion rdglputx5w4hsahq.onion dqdwqq6siopitcnx.onion imtxip6b3epoydq7.onion c7golffjz4qcomts.onion mtxip6b3epoydq7.onion nvye5tclv4gsp4qz.onion bqr3uvoqn7afaftn.onion oxk3k46qpyewkuha.onion xjmdb3rrlp5mjsor.onion nelcm3y2yuwkubww.onion pgtp5zcbhzivkdhy.onion eldldqcauon5fjye.onion ygjegzdh56fuielv.onion fy225sytea4x2d5d.onion bo5whi6igdfujywm.onion 7qmaqqvbcgkz46wy.onion dv6eypxco54m2yil.onion dxtf2khtvtrlt5x3.onion 3qtpdtcoeajm2u6u.onion 56ozxvu5gcljant6.onion 5svpy4wrwtjdoqb6.onion 7kerj4xmvc7pgvf4.onion gfnmkcixbz7nekgr.onion xsuhp3s4nwciyopc.onion ua3np4ut2zxubqow.onion ap2u6b77yi5esd72.onion rnwgen4v5vvgyrui.onion suifi73rcv6xptco.onion 5lxnox7rk77qemdo.onion uuvjof5votogzak.onion OLD: addnode=xjmdb3rrlp5mjsor.onion:28556 addnode=dxtf2khtvtrlt5x3.onion:28556 addnode=oxk3k46qpyewkuha.onion:28556 addnode=266polqfpc22sn4b.onion:28556 addnode=tvmhij7hyrqir5y2.onion:28556 addnode=culqahwoixao4zgp.onion:28556 addnode=copqf7fhnf4ve2pz.onion:28556 addnode=xx37ikzbjib5wdhm.onion:28556 addnode=ua3np4ut2zxubqow.onion:28556 addnode=iqtgfnjunu4ixdqq.onion:28556 addnode=gpy2co2ik7jn7woy.onion:28556 addnode=c7golffjz4qcomts.onion:28556 addnode=5rpb5tuybqdfmtbk.onion:28556 addnode=urc3dssckhvsbswb.onion:28556 addnode=gfnmkcixbz7nekgr.onion:28556 Up to date Bootstrap and instructions Here: NOTE: Use at your own risk... KoreCoin_OSX_2.2.1.dmg - no VoIP:!LN9UTIiB!keSf4dFGeF0qlMQ5xmXNIAZIpdEl8mwTvtJLmYbLRoI 2-For a custom Linux Version go to end of post: Version: 64 bit Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS Trusty 3-KoreCoin Website: 4-Source Code - GitHub Link: 5-KORE Block Explorer: 6-Please stake some coins to support the Kore Network. If you are new to Kore PM me for some free coins to stake. ____ Thanks to: "bearishtrader" "Here is my Ubuntu Linux build of KoreCoin 2.0 staking wallet (no VoIP): Version: 64 bit Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS Trusty"!Nk110QaT!yuf_cVCyKtXoJufgi3kJk6VcvsC4r92WP4ZMtnBrbeY Prerequisites (Needs boost 1.55, Berkeley db4.8++): sudo apt-get update sudo apt-add-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin sudo apt-add-repository ppa:boost-latest/ppa sudo apt-get install unzip qt4-qmake libqt4-dev build-essential libboost1.55-all-dev libssl-dev libdb4.8++-dev libminiupnpc-dev libminiupnpc8 sudo apt-get upgrade unzip chmod u+x korecoin-qt korecoin-qt Then exit and replace the .KoreCoin/peers.dat with the one above Re-launch wallet NOTE: If you get a virus warning we have researched it as a false positive. You can put it to your antivirus/antimalware exclude list so its not checked. Not one person ever had an issue with malware or a virus using the KORE wallets. With this unexpected price rise, many are curious what KORE has to offer and what the coin is about. KORE is a project centered around security in Communications, Computer, Smart Phone and Marketplace interaction and use. There are a few other KORE Projects we cant yet announce. Lets talk a bit on the ones we're able to disclose... 1-Integrated Tor for secure transactions and staking 2-Integrated Tor browser for secure web surfing 3-KOREPBX for secure wallet to wallet and Telecom number calling and video. 4-KOREbay A unique Tor hosted Marketplace 5-Aether Krypton OS - A new Operating System based on Security and Privacy 6-KOREPhone - Our KORE branded phone to debut the AEOS also centered on security and privacy with some unique features. 7-KORE PoBA - Our end goal of the holy grail of anonymous currencies. KORE is the first coin to integrate Tor into the wallet transactions and staking meaning your IP is not seen. KORE had also been the first coin to integrate a PBX based wallet to wallet calling service. We are presently working on the end goals of including Video Calling, messaging and making it a bit more decentralized and secure with the end goal of having it run through the Tor network. We also want to include the ability to dial regular telecom numbers. This work is in progress and some is undergoing testing. KORE also is the first coin to work on a multi year project of an Operating system centered around privacy and security called the Aether Krypton OS. The Operating System is planned to debut on the KOREPhone, another first. KORE with another first integrated a Tor Browser into the Linux wallet some time ago to debut in the new release. This allows you to surf the web in privacy and security. KORE was also first to announce the unique KOREbay marketplace which is in development. This service will be unlike many other crypto related marketplaces and have additional hosting on the Tor Network. Our goal is to take what we have and upgrade anonymous currencies to the next level. For now these are the projects in various stages of development and testing that we can talk a little bit about. We will not give out any road maps. The releases could start in 2-5 months or 2-5 weeks. This is about giving the growing KORE community and Investors an idea of the perceived value of what we are bringing to the crypto/public as a means of providing alternatives to choose from. There are plenty more KORE Team projects and we could possibly post a few of those once the new wallet is released in the new OP page where dissemination of information will be a little more open. Join the KORE Revolution! Yours Truly, MikeMike
  6. Belt & Road to aeternity aeternity was appointed to the RATA (Research and Technical Advisory) of the 'Belt & Road Blockchain Consortium'. The Consortium emerged from research done in 2013 on 'bridging the infrastructure gap' initiative in Asian regions. One of the primary conclusions of the report was that billions of US dollars will be necessary for the construction of new infrastructure able to connect and coordinate economic efforts between Eurasia and China. The Belt and Road initiative is composed of two primary branches: - SREB -?Silk Road Economic Belt (continental trade routes). - MSR?-?Maritime Silk Road (maritime trade routes). It encompasses six corridors spanning Asia, as well as parts of the Pacific, North Africa and Europe. Read more:
  7. what your opinion about ether?
  8. The Qtum Test Network Has Been Released: Instructions on how to compile from source are listed in the Git. Please see the documentation provided:
  9. Dear forum members, ! Attention please ! Tomorrow is the end of the third round of ATB Coin ICO! You have less than 24 hours to join ATB coin with 3% award. Hurry up and good luck! Please don't forget about our Telegram chat. Online support will help you with a pleasure! Also you can add us by Facebook,Twitter,Instagram or LinkedIn,visit our Website and view Whitepaper. We wish you all the best!
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  11. From the original post by Sasha here: Why you should never sell your waves June 26, 2017 My day today (just a normal day) Chronologically: - Met a big VC fund (100 mil) that wants to do an ICO for a subfund for online home services - Met a VR project that wants to do an ICO, working prototype. - Had negotiations with national depositary regarding a project of verifying digital assets ownership. Certificates of ownership for blockchain tokens, that could be a groundbreaking project connecting corporate world to the world of crypto - Set up a call with top security audit firm (Kudelski) regarding Waves code audit - Talked to another ICO project (chat bots, working marketplace with revenue) - Went to the top Russian Business TV channel to talk about crypto and ICO's, with Vitalik participating on Skype - Met another ICO project (payment system, guys own an offshore bank) - Met a lawyer who is building the legal structure for - Had a talk with the most famous HR specialist in Russia, set up another interview for CMO position. - Played with my kid for an hour - Had another call regarding PR and international promotion - Besides, raised around 5 mil in the first day of their ICO, - And two new members joined our team: Max (CBDO) and Anna (my PA) Just a normal day. Guys never sell your waves, we're gonna nail it. Cheers.
  12. Blockchain Foundry Update: Full Time Team Members, Office Space and New Developers Joining the Team We are pleased to provide a business update to the community with some exciting news about our team, working arrangements, office space and some new team members who will be joining Blockchain Foundry. Recently, both Jag Sidhu and Brad Hammerstron committed to working on Blockchain Foundry and Syscoin on a full-time basis with Willy Ko committing to three days per week. This is a huge step forward for the whole team. We expect it to have a materially positive impact on our overall pace of development and allow us to roll out new products much more quickly than in the past. Read more:
  13. Cryptocurrency Review: Byteball And Its Features Byteball, a rather recent virtual currency, has been popping up everywhere on the web and in transactions. But how is it different from other cryptocurrencies? Since the early 2000’s, cryptocurrency has been used for digital transactions all around the world. Although the original cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which is still the most widely known today, there are over seven hundred other currencies – all of which have their own unique characteristics. Byteball, a rather recent virtual currency, has been popping up everywhere on the web and in transactions, and the question remains – what is Byteball and how is it different from other cryptocurrencies? Read more:
  14. AMA with @ParticlProject - 28th June at 12PM EDT in $ARK Slack. Join to participate: ___
  15. Why is CreditBit so unique among cryptocurrencies? CreditBOND and CreditGAME are new ways to issue and distribute Ethereum Tokens and CreditDAO and CreditIDENTITY are building a community and the ecosystem around the Token.
  16. Have you updated your LEOcoin wallet? Do so by 21 July for ease of transfer! Questions? click here now:
  17. TokenSale code has been finalized: The Auto-Buy Script will be made available on the dashboard tomorrow (June 28th) at 12:00pm GMT +0. Just follow the simple instructions on the dashboard to utilize it. Any transactions sent prior to this time will throw so please wait.
  18. Twenty Thirty launches Pillar Project Token Sale Twenty Thirty Launches $50m Pillar ICO to Reclaim Your Digital Life Swiss blockchain startup to raise funds for crypto wallet
  19. 3000 satoshi EACH Claim(PAYING)(+Now Free Coupon codes for extra 1k-5k+proof) NEW FAUCET 3000 satoshi / 150 min Looks reliable as its owner a high ranked forum member. Minimum w/d :100.000 satoshi Rate: 20 satoshi/min Max. Claim: 3,000 satoshi It's PAYING... PROOF HERE: Latest INSTANT Withdrawl: JOIN HERE:
  20. lingerie China Meet the hottest new model in Britain and guess what – she's got brains Krzysztof Rusajczyk JAW-DROPPING: Moe Makaya modelled lingerie for Ann Summers last year But unlike other Instagram sensations, she's using her brains to grab the spotlight.Moe went to Staffordshire University, where she obtained a degree in accounting, so if her amazing figure doesn't make her famous she can fall back on her numerical figures.Moe, 23, may only have 8,500followers on Instagramat the moment– but is now hoping to take the social media sharing site by storm.And a set of smoking hot shots from a photoshoot for Ann Summers last year could be the breakthrough for her. IG UNIQUE LOOK: Moe Makaya plans to do modelling in the US this summer “I think of myself as a brand and I have to think about what I want the world to see” Moe Makaya Moe told the Daily Star Online: "I think a lot about the pictures I put on Instagram, they are not just random ones or stupid selfies."I think of myself as a brand and I have to think about what I want the world to see," she said.Yet unlike many, Moe is hoping to combine her glamour modelling with a career as a rapper.She has a busy year ahead: "I have a few modelling shoots lined up and plan on going to the US in the summer to do some modelling work."I am also working on new music and will be releasing a few videos in the next two months."I will be travelling to Nigeria in June to doing some acting and in talk with Nollywood directors," she added. IG SMOKING HOT: Moe Makaya is only 23 and thinks 2016 will be a big year for her Last year she brought out her second single, Fresh, which has echoes of Nikki Minaj and Lil' Kim, and she starred in the video.She also caused a stir in a controversial girl-on-girl music video, Sex You, on the YouTube channel Link up TV with four other sexy female artists.Moe, who does not have an agent, also featured in a video for rapper Reks with her friend Evangelina Tsadiosou but she wants to be a star in her own right.Some of the comments questioned the sexuality of her and her co-stars but Moe said the 30,000 views on the video gave her a big buzz. IG TALENT TO BURN: Moe Makaya combines beauty and brains But she wants to be a star in her own right and says: "My musical role model is Lil' Kim while Naomi Campbell is the person I most admire in modelling. If I could a career half as successful as either of them I'd be so happy."Moe – whose family is from Zimbabwe – is single but has no intention of dating a celebrity just to get famous.And she says she wants to be a success because of her own talents. IG CAMERA LOVES HER: Moe Makaya's family are originally from Zimbabwe IG BIG YEAR AHEAD: Moe Makaya has a degree to fall back on IF she does not become a star The hottest wanderlust babes on Instagram Whether sitting poolside in Ibiza, yachting off the Southern coast of Italy, or soaking in a hot tub in fabulous Palm Springs, these women get the best of the best from life. 1 / 43 Instagram Russian fitness model Viktoria Odintsova
  21. Prince Harry dates with lingerie model Florence lingerie China Brudenell-Bruce 'not serious' Florence Brudenell-Bruce: Pictures of the model linked to Prince Harry Florence Brudenell-Bruce: See model linked to Prince Harry in daft balloon ad PRINCE Harry has been on “one or two” secret dates with a posh lingerie model, her friends have confirmed. It is understood the royal, 26, has been driven to Florence Brudenell-Bruce’s 2.5million West London home for late-night meetings. However, both have insisted to friends that it is NOT a romance. Harry is said to have ended his on-off relationship with Chelsy Davy while model Florence – who wants to make it as an actress – is also single. A pal of Florence said: “They have met one or two times for dates, but it’s nothing serious. They’re just having a bit of fun. She’s very focused on her career. Relationships at the moment come second to that. But who knows where it might go?” Florence, 25, was telling pals at Wimbledon last weekend how she planned to move to the US. Her friend said: “Her dream is to star in a Hollywood film – and her ideal role would be a period drama with Russell Crowe.” Her “secret” dates with Harry appear to have been common knowledge in royal circles. A mystery punter walked into a bookies near St James’s Palace last week and placed a 10 bet on the pair marrying. They received odds of 25/1, which have now been slashed to 6/4. A spokesman for William Hill said: “It appears a royal insider may have had information the rest of us were not privy to. Our theory is that Harry will want to hold on to Florence.”
  22. From the blog post here: An Important Update #4 Hello. Our investigation has come to a conclusion. We have enclosed the report of our colleagues from the laboratory of Zerion, who helped to conduct the investigation. We expect Incent to publicly apologize to the EncryptoTel community, and accept full responsibility including financial damages. Here is the report on the investigation into the hacking incident: >>> ETH token The hacker has returned the 38 million stolen ETH ETT tokens, likely as a result of our statement of intent to re-issue the ETH ETT token. All tokens are now accounted for and secure as you can see here. Trading will be re-enabled on Tidex soon. Waves token As a reminder to Waves ETT token holders, you do not need do anything. Trading will be re-enabled on Waves-DEX and Tidex soon. Distribution We will be resuming distribution in the next few days. We will be doing it personally, and not relying on a third party. The bounty distribution process will begin right after that. Aleksey Kuznetsov, CTO and co-founder
  23. Two weeks ago new cryptocurrency ATB Coin started ICO. Already collected almost $14.2 million and ATB Coin's investors are 849 people. Recall that three years ago - in August 2014 - one of the most popular to date cryptocurrency Ethereum attracted through the placement of tokens $18.4 million. Will ATB Coin succeed in breaking this record and why are people ready to invest in a new crypto currency? The answer is simple - ATB Coin uses the latest technology you can learn more about it on our Website .
  24. iCoinMarket is the world’s first done for you trading platform!!! Watch Intro Video Lucrative Compensation plan with three levels Level 1: 10% Level 2: 3% Level 3: 2% Se compensation plan details. They are now in prelaunch mode! The best time for you to build a team and lock your spots! Get a free account and get $10 Free for trade! Register
  25. Official Details for the upcoming MyBit TokenSale have been released! MyBit TokenSale: All the Details Here Welcome Everyone! The MyBit TokenSale is fast approaching and we are now ready to share all of the details. Please note that due to the volatile nature of this emerging industry, details are subject to change. Our goal is to keep this document updated with any new information so it can be your golden source guide for the MyBit TokenSale. Fundraising Milestones: There will be a hard cap of 26,875 ETHER and minimum requirement of 4,000 ETHER for this to be deemed successful. If minimum amount is not reached, all funds will automatically be transferred back to sender. Escrow: Funds will be secured in a multi-signature wallet contract with 2 members of the MyBit team and 2 members from Brave New Coin who are acting as escrow to ensure the ongoing security of funds. Funds will be released as needed and approved by escrow to the MyBit Foundation (currently in the process of being registered in Switzerland). Read more:
  26. [ANN]Pillar - The Personal Data Locker - 60hr Token sale begins July 15 PILLAR PROJECT For those who want the details, please read the Pillar Gray Paper. Here is a short version: The European Commission’s Fire Study of Next Generation Internet recently concluded that ... 1. Internet should ensure citizens' sovereignty over their own data and protect privacy; 2. Internet should ensure diversity, pluralism and a right to choose; and 3. Internet should avoid the concentration of data in a few proprietary platforms. 4. Personal Data Spaces was seen as a very important technology area for all the above top ranked values. These are the problems the Pillar project will address. We want to give people a better, safer dashboard to their digital world, starting with an open-source wallet. We have two main objectives: Replace accounts with atomic ownership. We all have dozens of accounts. With accounts, you log in and all your valuable data is trapped inside the app or the service. This presents huge concentration risk. By switching from accounts to wallets, each person owns his/her own assets and can switch vendors freely. Replace apps with services. Apps on our phones are miniature desktop apps. This harkens back to the days of paper-based processes, showing once again that humans always adopt the old ways of working to new technology. Now that we all have superconnected computers in our pockets, we believe the personal data locker will replace iOS and Android to become the operating system for all your devices. The decentralization movement and technologies like blockchain will lead to a fundamental reversal of power, putting people in control of their digital lives. The Pillar Wallet Having waited patiently for 15 years, we believe the moment is here now. We will start by building the world’s best cryptocurrency and token wallet. We will focus on the user experience - to make it as easy as possible to set up and use a wallet. There are a few excellent wallets - we have our work cut out for us. But since our target is to build a dashboard for your digital life, our wallet will be different. Our wallet will be mobile first. It will include a browser, and we hope to include one or more exchanges. We want the experience to be as easy as possible. We’ll be targeting specific use cases and personas and working to make their experience as familiar and powerful as possible. Almost everyone is a beginner. Almost everyone finds managing private keys challenging. Almost everyone doesn’t appreciate the complexity behind wallets and exchanges and smart contracts. This is our mission - to simplify, build a strong foundation, and keep adding what our customers want next. The Pillar Ecosystem Pillar is far more than a wallet, a browser, and an exchange. Pillar brings to life the concepts in David Siegel’s book, Pull. As David explains, apps are a huge waste of resources and prevent innovation. Apps have to be maintained on half a dozen platforms - more than 50% of every app is just infrastructure related to presenting content and offers. What really matters are content, connections, and commerce, and being able to mix them as you like. The Pillar wallet will let you sort, filter, compare, mix, and match these things to suit your needs. This represents the convergence of the semantic web and the web of value. As an example, think of attending a conference in a city far away. To do this on your phone you’ll need a dozen apps that don’t talk to each other, and you’ll sign contracts for air, rail, car, hotel, tours, shows, excursions, currency exchange, babysitting, restaurants, conference registration, scheduling, events, meetings, and more. At best, each of these has its own app, and probably its own reward point system. Now try to manage all the expenses and record keeping - more apps. Do the apps talk to each other? In general, they don’t. The pillar ecosystem will create a new ecosystem of data, content, and commerce. We’re almost there - we have the standards, formats, and APIs to do much of what we want. It’s our job to bring these together to create a customer experience that is many times more compelling than using apps. In general, you’ll ask a question or say what you’re looking for, and the content, data, and transactions will come to you. We believe the wallet will be the center of your digital life, and it will pull everything you want when you want it, in a way that's more natural than apps. The Personal Data Locker The concept of the personal data locker comes from David's book, Pull. We have seen many such projects come and go. Much of it comes down to trust - people don’t trust institutions, advertisers, or third parties to manage their data. This is why Microsoft and Google projects have failed. We understand that consumers don’t want to manage their own data. There’s a detailed section of the gray paper that goes into consumer reluctance and how to find our early adopters. Right now, we have a chance - to create the world’s best wallet, integrate it into many systems, and let it lead to the personal assistant that “magically” helps you manage your life. See this early video from 2010 that shows the use cases for the project: The Pillar Token While the wallet and platform are open-source and free, users will pay for the various PDL services with pillar tokens as they use them. The token will power (provide micropayments for) the entire ecosystem, giving an instant business model to many projects that can tie in. This is the beauty of the token: you may need a service exactly once and you won’t need to sign up for it, you’ll just pay for it with a Pillar token and you’re done. Here’s an example: you go see your doctor, she does some tests and gives you a prescription for some pills. All the data from that visit, and the prescription, will be copied to your wallet. You can then manage the prescription any way you like, including asking for bids from pharmacies for the lowest price, or fastest delivery, etc. In this case, pharmacies compete for your order, and their software can be aware what the bid/ask is, and they may give you special offers to choose their service or even pay you to watch an ad for a particular drug. This is all under your control - you decide how you want it, and you pay a small number of pillars each time you use the system for storing your records and letting you manage your relationship with the health-care system. Your data can even go to a study being done - with your permission - and even though you’re anonymous in the study, if they want to send you a message, you’ll have a choice of receiving it or not. The pillar is a meta-token. For example, Brave has a native token for seeing customized ads and monetizing your browsing experience. Augur has a token for betting. Akasha has one for messaging. You'll encounter dozens or hundreds of tokens as you go about your day. All these tokens will be native in our system one level below the Pillar token. Users may only ever see pillars, or they may see the various utility tokens for the services they use. The Pillar token sale starts on July 15th at 08:00 Greenwich Mean Time and ends 60 hours later on July 17th at 20:00 GMT. Of the 800 million tokens issued, 560 million will be for sale to the public. The price in ether will be the same throughout the sale and will be announced on July 14th. Our Token sale smart contract is available on both Ropsten and Kovan testnets. The address of the contract is: Ropsten - 0xc1a6c4f19ad01e96111acf66ca8f1b6b47fecd6e Kovan - 0x571a6216e9ddb3f4979851d4e9f58454750ad721 Our GitHub link is: The Pillarists You are welcome to join and contribute what you do best! David Siegel, founder (Switzerland). David built a web-design and strategy agency in San Francisco in the 1990s and sold it to KPMG. He has been at the forefront of technology and venture investing for 30 years. He has written five books about technology and business. His first book remains's longest-running #1 bestseller. He has been a mentor to many startups and sat on many boards. In 2016, he was a candidate to be the dean of Stanford business school. He is an expert on blockchain, future technologies, angel investing, and startups. This is his 22nd company. You can see his work at Tomer Sofinzon, founder (Israel). Tomer is a serial entrepreneur living in Tel Aviv. He is an entrepreneur and business development executive. He founded ClearCi, a company focused on delivering Enterprise Intelligence solutions. He has worked in venture capital with a focus on strategic partnerships. This is his 8th company. Vitor Py, founder (Brazil). Vitor is a senior software developer, has led cross functional teams in areas as diverse as aerospace, energy, and law enforcement. Former founder of SIM, a Brazilian computational materials science startup. Vitor is our chief architect and will lead the development of the Pillar wallet. This is his fifth company. Yogesh Gaikwad, founder (India). Yogesh is a young Indian entrepreneur with a technology marketing background who started India's first growth hacking company and is contributing to tech startups around the world. Execution Plan We are market driven. We do experiments and look for opportunities. We pattern our company on Google (except for the interviewing part) - we plan to make a lot of small mistakes and let experiments take us into new markets. The wallet market is heating up. We need the resources to go after several different market segments: * Crypto-enthusiasts * Early-adopter tech enthusiasts * Partners * OEMs We are already strong in business development and will get stronger. Eventually, we want our wallet not to be another app on your phone, but to be the software that runs your phone. We will need partners, industry veterans, strong marketers, excellent communications team, and more. And we’ll need a great product. We are starting from scratch. We’re planning to hire in August and September, and we want you to be part of it. People who understand our mission and support us by buying our tokens, even if only a few, are the people we want to hire. We already have a strong team of technology people, but we’ll need many more. We expect to start in London and open a second office within six months. We are very open. We know that people coming to our web site are excellent potential hires, consultants, and partners. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter - we'll soon set up our online community and invite you to join us. And please consider coming to our hiring event in Slovakia. We have laid out our financial plans and forecasts in the Gray Paper. Everything we do will be agile and responsive to our markets as they change. We also will use some of our proceeds to support projects that will later become part of our system. After the crowdfunding, we will have a grass-roots unconference at AquaCity in Poprad, Slovakia, to socialize, learn, teach, plan, and hire. Anyone who comes to Poprad in early August is probably a person we want to hire. Every morning, we will have blockchain learning and Pillar planning sessions. We will have tracks for central services, communications, product, and marketing. If you are reading this, you are welcome to join us (we're not paying expenses, sorry, but we are paying for the meeting rooms and a big dinner on Friday night). We will have the following tracks for discussion and hiring: 1.Product 1.Frameworks 2.Methodology 3.Languages 4.Tools 5.Open source 2.Marketing 1.Communications 2.Partnerships 3.OEMs 4.Consumer research 3.Central services 1.Key management 2.Asset management 3.Bookkeeping 4.Payroll 5.Accounting 6.Tax 7.Facilities 8.Events 9.Support 10.Legal We are looking for generalists who have certain strong skills and are flexible team players. We will never have an HR department - if you work in central services, you will do everything. Keep in mind our office will be in London. If you want to join us, please come to Poprad and show your commitment to the project! The event will take place from 29 July to 6 August. Direct flights from London are available. We have reserved 19 rooms, but they are going fast and people are finding roommates. There are also hotel rooms not far away. We’ll be working in the mornings and trying not to work in the afternoons. It’s a family event - bring your kids. To reserve your room, contact Don’t wait for our Token sale - rooms are going fast. Contact Tomer now to get one.
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